11 Tasks You Can Automate With Zapier To Save Time

11 Tasks You Can Automate With Zapier To Save Time

If you are a start-up or solopreneur you can become completely overwhelmed with all the facets of your business. It seems like the next best thing in software is being released weekly and if you are constantly chasing after those programs thinking they will make your life easier, you are wasting valuable time.

Chasing shiny objects is only distracting you from the real work that needs to be done in your business. Like content marketing that drives engagement, awareness, and conversions for your products and services.

But where can you find the time to create that content to make your business profitable without spending more time on your business?

12 tasks you can automate with zapier to save time person relaxing while work gets done without him

You can start saving time by learning how to Automate simple processes. The best tool I have found to do that is Zapier.

Zapier Automation #1: Track Your Opt-Ins & Sign-Ups

Zapier Automation #2: Build Your Email List

Zapier Automation #3 Generate Tasks For Your VAs to Asana Or Click Up

Zapier Automation #4: Track Sales

Zapier Automation #5: Track Business FeesTrigger Emails To Deliver Products or Services

Generate invoices and proposals for new prospective customers

Schedule discovery calls an update your own calendar

Generate a checklist of tasks for a particular type of work (creating graphics, blogs, or masterclass templates)

Compile data from a survey

Gather testimonials

Fill out spreadsheets automatically for those that sign up for calls, products or services.

Marketing your business can swallow up all your free time if you let it. Of course, you can hire a team to do that work for you. But if you are the face of the business you shouldn’t outsource all of your marketing either. You will need to do the work yourself.

I did a walkthrough on how to set up some common zaps in Zapier. Watch the video below to learn how to set up these integrations for yourself or you can delegate them to your VA to complete for you.

Are you looking to automate your business processes or Zaps? Schedule a call with me so my team and I can help you get started. (insert image with optin)

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