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Ep. 016: The 5 Core Principles Of Do-It-Yourself Marketing

Marketing likes at the heart of all business endeavors. If you want to turn your business into a profit-generating machine, then pay attention to these 5 psychological marketing principles:

#1 – Color Psychology

Depending on your audience and niche, you can use color psychology to your advantage. For example, a professional journalism outlet does not do well with orange and yellow. Each color can also be associated with a certain emotion or state of mind. Blue can create a sense of trust and security while pink is associated with love, romance, and femininity.

For a really deep dive into marketing and color psychology be sure to check out Nick Kolenda’s article “Color Psychology: An Enormous Guide”

#2 – Emotional Appeal

In order to really create a profitable business model, you need to create an emotional connection with your customers. It is emotions that drive people to buy products, not rationality. This has been shown in multiple marketing studies. There are a variety of ways to increase emotional appeal, such as sharing emotional content on social media or giving away free stuff as a gesture of goodwill.

#3 – Urgency

Urgency is a well-known marketing tactic. If something is scarce or an offer is only lasting for a certain amount of time, people will be more likely to make a purchase. Unfortunately, this tactic has been overused. Think of all the airline and hotel booking agencies where there is constantly only one seat or room left. Customers have grown a little immune, but it should still be used.

#4 – Social Identity Theory

Social proof is the most powerful of all marketing techniques. People have a deep longing to belong and be a part of something bigger than themselves. The way this plays out in marketing is that customers will buy products that their friends are buying, just to be included. Studies have even shown that people will give false answers to obvious questions when everybody else is going the same – effectively lying in order to conform with the group.

#5 – Market Slowly

The best way to bring customers in is gradual. First, offer a free trial. Then the basic package. Then the professional package. In this way, the customer becomes used to your services and slowly upgrades. People who agree to a free trial are much more likely to make a purchase afterward. This is because when agreeing to something initially, customers are increasingly likely to agree to a larger purchase in the future.

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Show Notes:

[00:01:07] Good morning everybody. [00:01:09][1.7]

[00:01:09] Today is Episode 16 of funnel creator secrets podcast and I am Val Kuikman. And today we’re going to be talking all about the five core principles of Do It Yourself marketing. [00:01:22][13.1]

[00:01:23] Anyone’s marketing a product we know how hard sometimes it can be is getting into you your ideal customers mind especially in the sales funnel when you’re sending those emails to follow up from the opt into your free offer right. [00:01:37][13.6]

[00:01:38] Here’s five like really good core principles that you can start using today to market yourself better. And one of the first things to think about is no one is color psychology like anyone really looked into this. It’s pretty interesting to see like journalism really uses this too and like anything McDonald’s their colors are for a reason. My colors are for a reason like colors evoke emotions in people. And this is exactly what you want to do and it’s like when you’re building your sales funnel you want to use colors that complement what you’re trying to do if you’re trying to obviously income or wealth. Like if you’re in the health niche like kerning is a whole color yellow then evokes feelings of health or well-being money. If we know it’s green right. So shade of green trust I believe is blue too like colors mean things and it’s super important. Blue is trust and security actually in pink is love romance femininity. So if you’re like a relationship coach pink should be in there. I think yellow and orange are for writing and journalism but the colors all invoke emotions in us and psychologically and without us even knowing it. So using the correct colors psychology like in your sales funnel colors like your brand’s your brand palette shall we say this. It’s important to really look into this in and use it to your advantage in your sales funnel in your your your brand colors and using the correct ones for the type of industry you’re in. And it gave me some examples but if you really want to deep dive I found this amazing article on it. When I was writing the content for this podcast and my associated blog for it the guy’s name is Nick Kolenda and his article is titled color psychology an enormous guide. It’s like amazingly in-depth it’s awesome. You can Google it obviously but that’s my recommendation for looking for a really really good one. There’s a bunch of images out there if you just download one of the infographic images it’ll tell you what the what the colors mean but Nick’s article actually goes into like shadings like the shades of colors you use like the brightness or the darkness actually makes a difference as well psychologically. So if you want to come back later look in the show notes and resources in the blog and I will have a link to Nick’s article so you can look it up. Color psychology obviously is huge and we want to use that to our advantage. Number two is going to be emotional appeal we’re obviously visually appealing to their emotions through the colors but you also need to create an emotion connection all connection with like your videos or your writing so to speak. [00:04:30][172.6]

[00:04:32] Emotions drive people to buy right? [00:04:34][2.3]

[00:04:34] So we want to elicit emotion in our content. This means telling stories to like people can relate to stories. I would just write to write and just write this blah article and I’m used to doing this because like my reports my police reports that I used to write are very to the point distinct professional. Like there’s not much motion in there which now we’re learning. This is how I was taught I was taught to write that way. But it’s interesting to note that when things go to court and they’re reading your report or they’re using your report is basically what happened. So when it goes to court obviously that those things that come up are going to be brought out in a courtroom in front of a jury or the judge. So writing with emotion is. Very important. Which we never really thought about was just basically just the facts. But that’s not the case anymore. So this can use your experiences around you. I use me now with because I will be able to bring that out more so you can use what experiences you have in writing. And even in videos and use those words that elicit emotion and people that is huge. It’s huge for getting people to know like and trust you which is the whole point of marketing and selling. So you got to get him to that point so emotional appeals the second one the third one is urgency. We all know this is like is this such a well-known marketing tactic urgency and scarcity right. It’s giving like. Somebody a reason to act now. Because if we don’t give them a reason to act now they’ll never act. We know you know as a person there are so many things you do in a day that you’ll in your head think of you know a cop the ones you absolutely have to get done today and then all the ones that are of no importance don’t get done because you just try to. Manage your time as best as you can right. [00:06:31][116.8]

[00:06:32] We’re all busy but if you put a little urgency into somebody’s thing like you know your kids sit on the couch and he’s not acting as fast as you want him to because he’s too busy watching TV or whatever he’s doing. And you’ve already told him twice a little bit urgency is just you know make the stern voice and a threat. You don’t get up now and do this you’re grounded or I’ll take your phone away or you won’t be able to go you know and watch YouTube videos. Little bit urgency right because of the pain that’s associated at sea I need to focus on the pain and where they’re going and the results and why acting now is their best option. [00:07:04][32.2]

[00:07:05] It’s hugely important in sales copy and marketing. Hugely important. It’s also hugely important as a mob. But the fourth thing I want to talk about is we just talked about urgency is social identity theory social proof testimonials. People have a deep longing to belong. You don’t I mean they want to be part of something. Bigger than themselves in really really really really be part of it.   [00:07:36][30.8]

[00:07:38] Studies show that people will give false answers to obvious questions when everybody else is going the same way just to be different and not to conform to the group or if they want to be part of it to conform to the group they’ll give false answers just so they can belong to something. This is huge. Like it and like if somebody is buying something like it plays out in marketing because customers will buy products that their friends are buying just to be included. Right. People will do this. The whole point of you being powerful in your marketing techniques and having social proofs and like having these raving fans that like to say this is the person you want to talk to about. Building a sales funnel she really knows her stuff. All right. This is the person you name a people person off you’re in. You’re saying this to tell the other friends they’re going to go and look this person up because this is their friends really know like and trust right. That’s telling them this and like other people that you get this whole group of people. Like a whole tribe of people that you’re, you’re helping. And like the group wants to all belong and follow the same like core principles in the mission like they all believe in they’re invested in it. So it’s like having that these this mission for you for what you’re doing and having people like buy-in and she’s formed to that is amazing and like especially if you’re doing it for the right reasons like being ethical because unethical people don’t get very far. [00:08:59][81.1]

[00:08:59] Do it for the right reasons having to stand behind something like everybody wants financial freedom. So we’re going we’re that’s what we’re striving for everybody to make a thousand dollars in May or June or July or whatever or make you know to ten thousand dollars in June. That could be like the goal and everyone’s conforming to it. This is a process we’re gonna follow and we’re all doing this. It’s huge. So social identity theory. This is obviously sociology which I missed here in. I love this stuff that I’m a geek for it a geek out but social identity D theory is huge in marketing and especially if you’re using the same demographic or your niche. That’s what you’re doing like everyone wants to be part of a team and part of the group and conform as much as we say we do on the fifth and last American principle is to market slowly. And this is where a lot of people are entrepreneurs and especially new entrepreneurs get stuck because they want the fast results and that’s in the society we live in. So I totally understand that but we need to slow down and develop patients in our marketing is as entrepreneurs especially as new entrepreneurs. It’s going to be so frustrating to slow down but it’s the best thing you can do for yourself. You have to move the move customers up the value better and slowly develop. Trust with them. Trust is not earned in a day. It is just not. People need to know. No, you’re in this for the long run and you truly want there to help them before they will buy it and buy what you have. They have to know that it’s gonna be in their best interest and they’re going to get the result they want. The first thing anyone should offer when you’re your first building your sales funnel and your marketing are to offer free trials. If you have something that you can offer as a free trial or freebie it’s the best way to do it. And they can choose not to the basic package and then the professional package but they have to start small and move up. [00:10:50][111.4]

[00:10:51] People don’t like just running into things. Nobody you know. That’s just it’s not wise decisions. We all know this. So we need to meet our customers our potential customers where they’re at free trials. Awesome free samples. If you sell the services of a la product free trials. It’s great because people get to a test run and get to see what they’re doing. Like I just took when I was I’m the product I use to build my funnels. I took a 14-day trial and used it every day just to see if I would get some use out of it like especially even with some schedulers I use one for Pinterest and I used free trial examples. Yeah, actually I think I was like 60 days which is amazing value there right. I thought it was an amazing offer and now I use them. I fight yearly to use this program to post my poems on Pinterest and I wouldn’t probably have bought that year if I didn’t get a fair trial to try it out and see what it would do for me. So markets globally guys don’t give them your two thousand dollar offer right off the bat when they don’t even know you. [00:11:52][61.5]

[00:11:52] That’s the watch salesman’s analogy that I brought up yesterday to start well a start slow guys and always remember go back and listen to the older podcast where I go in depth more with this and I actually did a live video yesterday on Facebook on my business page Val Kuikman. If you want to look at it I gave you guys 20 ways to build a profitable sales funnel and I even went through life I shared my screen and showed you guys the process and in an exact funnel I used that brings people up the value ladder my from my free offer all the way to my highest paying offer but a medium range offer it’s my initial sales funnel that I just showed you guys how to do what I did and how it looks and how easy it was to do so. Coming to learn a little more for me I’d love to teach us some more. Stay tuned here subscribe be sure you guys review this podcast, by the way, go on iTunes Stitcher it’s all over the place Google Play I hurt radio Look just whatever favor podcasting platform you listen from. Leave a review and subscribe. I’d love to hear some questions you guys have so I can come up with some future content and if you guys have anyone you would like me to interview or you want to be interviewed or be a guest on the podcast. I’d love to have you so you can listen in to the funnel creator secrets podcast. I’m Val Kuikman and we just discovered the five core principles of Do It Yourself marketing. Have a great day everybody. [00:13:16]


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