types of content that generates leads

Ep. 024: Types of Content That Generates Leads

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Show Notes:

[00:02:48] So OK topic today guys is as an MLMer. Have you ever said yourself. I’d thought I have more leads by now. [00:02:55][6.8]

[00:02:56] I’ve been speaking to a lot of network marketers recently and it seems that the biggest challenge is qualifying leads finding leads in recruiting people leads in business is huge. If you don’t have leads you don’t have people to but to sell yourself right on. [00:03:09][12.7]

[00:03:11] The biggest thing I want to point out is I see that some of that work marketers it might not necessarily be you. But I see the newer ones. [00:03:21][9.6]

[00:03:21] They’ll just get started spamming their links all over social media. They’re copying them up lines posts and posting them as their own. [00:03:27][5.9]

[00:03:28] And mind you if I’ve seen this I know a lot of older people have seen this too and it’s a problem because people like yeah I can tell they’re all in the same ELO Mullen has a posting the same links please don’t get the hang of this to be unique because you can’t you will just be like everybody else and that stand out. [00:03:44][16.0]

[00:03:45] And that’s not a way to generate leads. No one’s going to let you know it’s really easy when you first start because you have this more market of your people. [00:03:52][6.9]

[00:03:52] But once that starts drying out and you feel like you’re talking to the same people on your own they’re just that they’re not interested in your product or service your opportunity. [00:04:00][7.4]

[00:04:00] Nothing like that. You come to this feeling of scarcity which is a terrible mindset to be in business with you. So where do you go from there? In generating leads for your business. [00:04:13][12.4]

[00:04:14] Number one create content and don’t just create any content. Create good kinda like this right now. I’m creating content right. [00:04:21][7.5]

[00:04:23] It’s gonna be valuable to people and they might need my services later on. [00:04:27][4.4]

[00:04:27] So they might want to learn how to build a funnel or how to market their networking business. This is all the stuff I teach. [00:04:34][6.2]

[00:04:35] They are not. They’re not to the point where they can do they need. I mean I became a student of marketing. I’ve been doing this for 10 years I involve myself in so many different pieces of training so many different groups to network with people and learn from them. And that’s when you’re new. Yes. Which me to do is start finding your rhythm but you need to start creating content. You need to be doing it regularly and consistently just like anything else. And that’s the scary thing is like you’re I don’t know what content to create. Here are some suggestions. A blog. You get one from WordPress. I think you can go buy a domain for between one ninety-nine. [00:05:18][42.6]

[00:05:18] Thank God it isn’t for a buck initially. Then it goes up to 40 ninety-nine. [00:05:21][3.0]

[00:05:23] Cheap domains haven’t really cheap when ninety-nine to I think eight ninety-nine and they renew every year and get a root word plus WordPress bought blog and start blogging. If you need a free site right now you can do it on Medium. You gave a dude on LinkedIn or even on Facebook I mean those are technically blogs but you want your own Web site specifically. And why I say that is because of jurors you own it. That’s your traffic coming to it. You own that traffic too. And it’s going to show you’re going to show up in search engines. But if you’re creating content that’s great consistently and getting shared. And if you don’t want to do a blog you can do a podcast. [00:06:00][37.3]

[00:06:01] That’s what I do in the mornings I do podcasts as well that is content. People will find that if you’re finding it valuable people will follow you. [00:06:07][6.1]

[00:06:08] I’m just starting it. I’m on Episode 23 I did today and I probably have between eight and 14 people listening every day which is amazing because I see working people that I have no idea who they are but they’re enjoying my content right. I might know who they are but I just I can’t look and see who watched it like oh John Smith watch my podcast. It’s not that they’re enjoying my content strictly for it being valuable. That is an amazing thing to me the podcast. And then I turn that into a block repurpose it turning into a blog with some great content in there and resources that I mentioned in the podcast. So if somebody is in Dublin reading blogs they can come there and listen to the podcast or read about podcasts. But you need to be doing it consistently. [00:06:50][42.0]

[00:06:52] And if you’re an MLM that’s doing health and fitness I’m sure you can find 9 million things to talk about start creating or lists any topics that come up that or any like a sea of customers right now. [00:07:01][9.8]

[00:07:02] What’s their biggest question that they come with you all the time to answer. Put that into a blog. Make an effort Q On your blog and then you can if anyone has questions you can just refer them writes a blog. You’re going to be getting views on it. Put it out in the atmosphere there. Create a nice image you can throw it up on Pinterest which is a great site for health and fitness coaches to start painting. And by the way, if you do makeup same thing talk about makeup do a lie video and makeup I shall put it not explain what colors there are or what colors would match people’s skin tones. There are a million things you can do but you have to start creating content and don’t picture off offer doesn’t tell them what company you work for. [00:07:44][42.8]

[00:07:45] Start creating content for it to attract your target market for whatever you’re doing if you’re doing makeup to women. If you have a particular age that you are speaking to then speak to that age range know women 30 to 40 who are married and have kids that are between eight and twelve years old get specific. So you have a blog which you can get a WordPress blog print fairly cheap and you have a domain that you renews once a year for fourteen ninety-nine or something really easy super simple up. [00:08:19][33.7]

[00:08:20] Podcast I just set one up. It’s not as difficult as you think. If you guys need information on that please message me I’ll create a breakdown of what I use. I do use Lipson and podcast. Like basically it goes all over the place thanks to their software and that’s fourteen ninety-nine a month. Super cheap live streams are another thing and or youtube videos creating videos amazing forms of content and created around topics that. [00:08:52][31.3]

[00:08:54] Your niche in your MLM is serving like even if you’re one to talk about business building to get. [00:09:02][7.1]

[00:09:03] Recruits qualified recruits. That’s great that you can talk about that subject but you need to consistently do it like talk about one thing in a memo. What people are struggling with like what I’m doing. Generating leads. It’s a long term game it’s nothing that’s going to be happening for you immediately just because you’re starting to publish for two weeks. People get frustrated and give up because they want more long term gain. And that’s why a lot of people don’t stay consistent with it because they’re not seeing the immediate payoff story. I’m telling you it does have pay offs in the future. Consistent consistent life videos. It’s like a media. People like to comment on your videos. [00:09:44][40.3]

[00:09:46] And that’s an audience you haven’t. You’re developing an audience. What I did to get really good on video and I still we all can work on things right. I’m still not perfect by any means. What I did is I went live on. [00:09:59][13.5]

[00:10:01] My I think is my profile for 30 days straight and what I did was I created episodes like a one week the 30 days I did a whole bunch of episodes on nutrition on other when I did safety for a week. [00:10:15][13.9]

[00:10:16] I did like basically here’s my topic for the week and I might discuss all of. So people knew what to expect. My audience knew what to expect for that week, not the topics in general but like the general larger topic I was talking about like I was gonna talk about meal planning. So I did a meal planning I did a week on weight loss I did a week on stress like me that’s what you can do to set like episodic basically episodes and I would like every day. For 30 days it was difficult too because I worked full time. But I did that that I created a blog put and invented my life video in there and I also sent the video over to YouTube. YouTube Facebook and a blog. And I was basically repurposing my content. So it’s all over the channels so to speak. [00:11:10][54.6]

[00:11:11] So repurposing is huge and you can even throw that video in a TV or split it up into 30 seconds to a 30-second clip on Instagram and then put a link in the comments where they can watch the rest of the video. Click the link in the comments to watch the full video or whatever it is. That’s how you can do that on Instagram. But we have to start being in the process and then being in the habit of creating content and a lot of people quit because they’re not seeing the instant results. I’m telling you people are when you start talking about certain topics that are relative around your business you’re network marketing business around a specific topic which is health wealth or relationships it’s all three of them because it’s three general big broad oceans that we get ourselves into that we self from. [00:12:00][48.9]

[00:12:01] Well it’s one of the three. And it could be more than one. It could be all three. But you want to pick one to go with. [00:12:06][5.7]

[00:12:07] If you’re selling weight loss it could be health. If you’re in network marketing it could be. Health. [00:12:14][6.5]

[00:12:14] Or maybe you want to talk about wealth on the business end of things. You can do that too. But stick with one and then you want to go down even further. There are a million people talking about wealth. So what exactly are you talking about with wealth? You’re talking about network marketing and building walls right. [00:12:27][12.6]

[00:12:28] How do you do that. Document your journey. Document what you’re struggling with because other people can relate to that on that’s number one. Tell stories to tell your stories. I struggled. I literally was like writing blog posts every day. I was just creating content for the sake of doing it with no real purpose in mind. So it’s like talk to your people and find out their questions and their struggles and then make those topics and do that and those issues those pain points of your customer. Just do those and you’ll see definite engagement on the big ones that people always talk about. But needless to say, the 30-day challenge I actually went live every day and the repurposing of it and it was huge I had a ton of comments on my life videos because I was doing them every day. I was getting a lot of game I was building an audience and I think life video you can probably do it a lot faster if you’re doing all the time. I don’t suggest doing it on your profile you can do what you can share it to your profile but I suggest doing our Facebook business page and I say this because. You can retarget people with ads for hours watching your video on your Facebook page you can retarget them with ads which are amazing because. Say you’re watching a slide video and I have of course coming out can retarget you for my course. That’s in line with what I’m speaking about here. There will be something valuable for you to learn. [00:13:53][84.9]

[00:13:55] That’s like a great like amazing thing like if you just go on and certainly thing on Amazon that you’re looking for and then come back to Facebook and there it is on the sidebar as an ad because of retargeting you. You can do that same thing for your business and then you’re showing up all over the place and you’re everywhere or you look like you’re everywhere. [00:14:12][16.7]

[00:14:13] When Facebook is taking care of that for you and the ads are amazing if you guys can learn them and use them to your advantage and it doesn’t have to be anything crazy I mean video ads. I was getting one site per three-second watch on a video ad. Video ads are amazing on Facebook to use for it to get people to know like and trust you and learn about what you’re up to. So there’s a process and that’s what you want. We want people to be aware of what we’re doing and excited about it. So you need to stay consistent. [00:14:44][31.4]

[00:14:46] So what I was asking for you guys if you’re watching this let me know. Three topics that you can do a blog podcast or video on Livestream or YouTube video this week. Put them down there and let me know when you’re going to go do whatever platform you’re gonna do tag me in it after you’re done because I want to see it. I want you guys to stick with action in this. Creating content is the key. Now we can do pay content organic content but this is going to be driving people organically without paying. Now if you do an ad during the pay but like this is consistently is going to. And generate leads for you even if you’re if you want to do it on a profile on your profile. I just don’t I would rather do it on my business page him and share it out in my groups and on my profile later. Whether it has the better or worse reach I don’t know. But I know that when I retire things it’s gonna benefit me and it’s definitely a hub outside of my profile too. And they’re not supposed to generate business on your personal profile although we see many people doing it. [00:15:54][68.1]

[00:15:55] So. [00:15:55][0.0]

[00:15:57] Blog podcast livestream or YouTube which flat. Or you can do a link then. Which platform are you going to use? Where are you going to generate leads? [00:16:06][9.4]

[00:16:08] Do you have an opt in to send them to. You should always be sending them to your Web site. [00:16:12][4.2]

[00:16:14] For something that I’m not saying something to a Facebook around and sell them because that doesn’t work. Facebook communities are there to grow and share value and not to sell. It could be part of that. It could be selling but your main focus of the Facebook community is to build an audience and deliver value in there. That so. So don’t create a Facebook group thinking that you’re going to grow it and sell people because that’s not what people are in there or they’re in there for the community. That’s upselling understand that. OK, so what are you going to do this week. [00:16:46][32.0]

[00:16:46] What content are you going to create. COMMENT BELOW I’d love to hear it and let me know what you think. Let me know what I can help you with and generating leads. [00:16:54][7.7]

[00:16:54] It’s going to be a long term game guy but you need to set up a funnel to get them into. You’re doing all this content you need to find your lead magnet and create your lead magnet. Your first introductory offer something valuable that they get for free. [00:17:08][13.3]

[00:17:09] And once you start there that’s where you start getting the leads and heading the mountain your email list because those are done years and understand retargeting on your Facebook business page. That’s like generating leads you don’t even know you’re doing it so totally suggest you guys get in the business page for Facebook if you don’t have one or two videos like this. Share your blogs, share your podcasts let the world see what you have to do and just stay consistent. Do it for 30 days and see what happens. See what happens in 30. I would love to share the challenge I did because it actually was amazing and it really really helped me to stay consistent with doing my dreams. And if you’re afraid to be on the video you need to do it too. So that’s what we need to do. [00:17:59][50.6]

[00:18:00] Like you need to generate more leads you need to start to create content and create good content relative to what product or service you sell you want to be the authority in that area. [00:18:08][8.0]

[00:18:08] OK you guys have any questions let me know. Have a good one guys. [00:18:08][0.0]



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