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10 Reasons To Create Live Video As A Network Marketer

If you are someone who has been wondering how you can sell more products and services online, then you are in the right place. Selling online was once easy when there were only a few sellers. Today, almost everyone knows someone who sells something online.

Online marketing is becoming huge! So how do you stand out from the crowd? How do you beat the competition who sells the same product and promises the same results? How do you stop chasing sales and instead start attracting customers who need your product and are ready to buy?

The answer?

Live video!

You probably know that already. It’s just that you are not implementing it because of some doubts and fears. You have been pushing it off of your calendar because you are not ready, you don’t have the right gear, you don’t have a good background, lighting, and whatnot, and, of course, let’s face it, you are just downright scared.

In this post, I will share to you 10 reasons why you need to start doing live videos NOW (after reading this, that is) so you can ditch your fears and start leveraging time and technology to speed up your online marketing results.

Know The Stats

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/3o7btPCcdNniyf0ArS/giphy.gif Let’s start with some facts.

  • 80% of people would rather watch live video from a brand or business than read a blog post.
  • 82% prefer live video from businesses and brands and marketers rather than social posts.
  • 78% of people on Facebook are watching live video right now.
  • 75% of your email subscribers will not unsubscribe if you’re sending out videos.

Needless to say, people LOVE live videos. Most people prefer to watch or listen to someone explaining about a subject rather than read an entire post (except you probably since you’re still reading this). With 2 billion people on Facebook, and 82% of that preferring live videos, this only means that you MUST shift your efforts into creating more live videos.

Ready? Here are my top 10 reasons why you NEED to do live videos for your online business.

#1: Grow Your Audience

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/tODygE8KCqBzy/giphy.gif

People want to see you and they want to hear from you. Live video allows you to let your true personality shine in front of your audience. It shows your real emotions as they hear your tone and see your body language. Written words are interpreted differently than spoken words. A lot of times, misinterpretation happens because someone reading tone is not the same as your writing tone. Avoid this and skip the confusion by simply hitting that live button.

In growing an audience, they’re going to want content and they’re gonna want content quickly. Videos are the best way to do that because you can share an idea about a subject in a shorter period rather than writing. Imagine what you can share in five minutes of live videos compared to giving someone a five-minute read.

#2: Set Yourself As An Authority

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/xT0xejsfaX9LXzsAdq/giphy.gif

Most entrepreneurs are scared to do videos because they feel like they are not an expert YET and that people probably already know most of the information that they will share. WRONG! If you’re newer to online marketing and social media, the only way for you to compete with the big names out there is through live videos.


Because it is the fastest way that you can project yourself as an authority in your niche.  Share what you know about your business that can help your ideal client. Talk about the benefits of your product and service without being spammy or salesy.

Focus on educating your potential clients and giving them value rather than being desperate for a sale. Also, add in a little bit of fun to your videos. People want to be entertained. If made to choose between education or entertainment, entertainment will always come first.

#3: Build Your Content

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/hOzfvZynn9AK4/giphy.gif

Okay so that GIF may be a little bit too much but I hope it gets the point across – create content as if your life (and business) relied on it. In online marketing, content marketing is huge.

Content is key.

The whole point of creating content is for you to be discovered when someone in your niche Googles about the problems that you are helping them solve. This is called Search Engine Optimization. This topic in itself deserves a whole new blog post but to make it simple for now, think of it as a technique that will make Google put you on the very first page of search results when someone types in “email marketing tips” or “healthy recipes for toddlers” or whatever it is you help people with.

The more content you put out, the more “discoverable” you become. Where does live video come in play with this?

Check out reason #4.

#4: You Can Re-Purpose Them

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/lg4B9s5Z5uXFC/giphy.gif

Some people do live videos and they think that it’s the end of the game. When you do a live video, your content process is just beginning. One live video can be edited and repurposed into many different forms depending on the platform you want to use.

  • For Youtube, edit the video and delete the parts where you greet live viewers, answer questions and respond to comments
  • For Facebook, edit the live video and divide it into smaller pieces of information of up to 5 minutes. Share on your page and in your Facebook story.
  • For Instagram, create video clips of up to 2 minutes for short viewing emphasizing key ideas and principles, create an image with the best quote from the video. Make the sizes available for IG TV, IG stories and of course, the main IG profile.
  • For a blog, transcribe your edited video and turn it into a blog where people can read in case people do not have enough data for video viewing.
  • When using Pinterest, create an image with the blog title and direct that pin to your blog to attract more traffic.
  • For podcasting, strip off the audio from the edited video and edit the audio to make it appropriate for a podcast.
  • For your email, send a newsletter to your subscribers with the best tips from the video and send them to the full content on YouTube or blog.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to repurposing. You just have to identify where your ideal client is and start showing up in those platforms to maximize your reach.

#5: Increase Your Email Subscriptions

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketerhttps://media.giphy.com/media/12FfNKPlSR5k2c/giphy.gif

Your email subscriber list is your goldmine. Have you ever asked yourself, “What I do happen if all social networks were shut down?” Would you go back to old school cold emails and cold calls? or maybe get back to talking to strangers on the streets, the bus and in the grocery?

Your email list is YOURS. It is an asset that no one can take away from you. That’s the main reason why we have to build it. It will not be affected by any changes in algorithm, policies, or regulations by the social networks that we heavily rely on. So growing your email subscriber list is huge. You want to be always growing your lists like always be list building – ABLB.

When doing live videos, you can have a Call To Action at the beginning of the video or the end. If you are promoting a freebie on your website, what you can do to increase subscriptions is mention your freebie at the end of your live video and encourage your viewers to opt-in and subscribe. When a person is now on your list, you can send them a ton of content later that’s going to HELP them (not annoy them). When somebody gives you their email, it’s very personal. Always nurture that list and try to treat it like the amazing people they are.

#6: Grow Your Relationships

Golden Girls thank you for being a friendhttps://media.giphy.com/media/fHr6SanEdFx8LBF4Dv/giphy.gif

People are gonna follow you if they know, like and trust you. The best way to get people to know you is to put yourself out there. Put your authentic self out there. If you’re a really good writer, someone can probably get a sense of your personality just by reading your blog. But for me, I write in a legal sense so my writing style is not entertaining. It’s very corporate. That is why I choose to do live video because people can know, like and trust me. If you hate live video, I get you.

I waited eight years to do a live video when I was in network marketing and now I don’t know why I waited so long because this could have been so useful back then.

#7: Easy To Create Your Content

10 Reasons You Need To Be Creating Live Video As An Online Marketer


Writing this blog post can take hours. Broadcasting a live video can take you 5-10 minutes ONLY. It could also be half an hour long if you’re doing training or even an hour if you’re doing a webinar. But after that, you’re done.  If you are a busy mom like me who has a full-time job WHILE building an online business, you would know that time is our biggest asset.

Any kind of time management and productivity hack is technically our lifesavers. Look at live video as productivity. If 10 minutes is all you’ve got in a day to create content, great! That’s just enough time to share an idea in a live video.

#8: Increase Your Engagement

Anikin skywalker


When you’re live viewers jump on, acknowledge them. Don’t we all love to be acknowledged? Ask them questions and encourage their feedback and comments. If they have questions they can type them right in and you can answer them right there. That is why video so amazing because it’s instant. The instant gratification that a lot of us need is right there in the live video. I think that’s why people like it because they can just comment, post and they don’t have to wait for an answer. This will make people feel that they have connected and made a bond with you. They will feel better around you and they might turn into followers and avid viewers of your videos.

#9: Build Demand For Your Services or Products

take my money


Let’s face it. The point of all this is business. It’s time to talk about sales. When people start to know, like, and trust you, they are most likely to BUY from you. Don’t we all always go back to the businesses that we are familiar with or at least to the people who we think will give us the best value for our money?

Live videos can be a part of your sales strategy. If you are launching a course, product, or program, you can use live videos to educate people about it and serve as teasers during the prelaunch. These live videos will build up to a free webinar that will also be the main selling platform of your bigger program. Creating this can build demand and scarcity for your product and you’re coming across as an authority so people want what you have to teach.

#10: Grow As An Online Marketer

Alice in Wonderland growinghttps://media.giphy.com/media/2ntAsiaFbVAli/giphy.gif

As Jim Rohn would say, the point of having a goal is to discover what it makes of you to achieve it (not in verbatim, of course). If you haven’t done live video before, it’s such a daunting task. It’s the fear of the unknown creeping in.

When I first started, I used to say “umm” a lot and I read a script that probably looks awkward to the viewers. But I have grown a lot since that first few live videos and I now use notes instead of scripts. I speak and ideas just come out of me confidently. I love that because it’s real and it’ll help you grow.  If you’re afraid of doing live video.

You’re just afraid.

You’re afraid of how people are going to look at you and it doesn’t matter what people think. They’re going to be judging you either way so why don’t you just go do it because you know it’s going to be amazing for your business and you’re gonna grow.

Instead of thinking about all the things that can go wrong and all the judgments, just literally go live for two minutes and then build it up. It’s a matter of consistency, learning, growing, and getting over the fear because that fear is going to hold you back until you just push play and do it. Other people’s opinions don’t matter and I’m sure it’s not as horrible as you think it is. You’re judging yourself and you’re making these interpretations that the rest of the world probably is not making. It’s all in your head.

Believe in yourself and just go do it and you’ll get better each time.

What other ways have you used live video to grow your business?

How has it impacted not only your sales but also your growth and influence?

Here are the top tools that I use for Live video and repurposing content:

The best app for live video streaming:
For Facebook Live I stream on my Mac computer using E Camm Live. You can use it to bring on up to 5 people on your live video at a time which is the ONLY platform that allows you to do that. The free version allows you to stream directly to your Facebook profile. If you get the paid version for $14 a month you can stream to multiple pages, groups and your profile all at the same time.

You can also switch seamlessly from your video camera to screen share with just a click of the button as well as adding in your logo and name on the screen as well as highlighting comments and questions as the pop on the screen.

The final part that made me pay for this service is that you can stream to multiple social platforms at the same time. For my Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast I stream live to YouTube, my Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn, and sometimes my profile all on one computer using E Camm Live and Restream.io which integrates seamlessly with E Camm Live. It is the best live streaming app for Mac users.

My top choice for an HD webcam: LOGITECH C922X

This webcam is super affordable for the newbie or advanced live video creator. This webcam is easy to set up and has excellent video quality in 1080p. It comes with a USB hook up so it can be plugged directly into your computer or a multi-port USB adapter.

I use a multi-port adapter to plug in my Logitech webcam and my podcasting microphone along with a power source on my Macbook Pro. The USB adapter is so handy to have on hand if you need power to your Macbook Pro along with having a webcam and microphone plugged in. I recommend you pick one up just in case you need it.

top microphone choice for live video:


If you are ever thinking of doing podcasting I suggest you pick this mic up before purchasing a lapel microphone. You will save money and get excellent sound quality for both live video and podcasting. It is one of the most affordable I found for the best quality sound.

If you are going to be using a lapel microphone for an I phone 7 or newer model don’t forget to buy an Apple headphone jack adapter or you will not be able to use the lapel microphone.

top choice for domains: NAMECHEAP

The name says it all, doesn’t it? Get custom domains at half the price of Go Daddy or other domain services. You can get up to 84% off your domain by following this link. I started out using Go Daddy but discovered other domain registrars offered the same domains way cheaper per year. Most domains are between $8 to $10. They also give you free forever WhoIsGuard protection which keeps your personal information from the public.

Namecheap also offers WordPress hosting at super affordable rates.

Top Choice For WordPress hosting: SITEGROUND

Siteground is the ULTIMATE in hosting companies. They have the most responsive customer and technical service and their websites operate at lightning speeds. I have never seen such a fast-loading site since I started using WordPress a decade ago.  They even offer a free SSL when Go Daddy charges you over $50 a month for.

The best part? The monthly fee for hosting costs between $3.95 to $11.05 a month depending on the package you choose. If you want to switch your WordPress site over to SiteGround, they even do a customized file transfer for FREE! I really can’t say enough about them go check out the site and see what they have to offer.

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show notes

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Welcome to the funnel creators secrets podcast. I’m your host Val Kuikman, network marketer and consultant for network marketers. My mission is to eliminate spam marketing and MLMs. And I’m here to show you guys a different way to market your business, to stand out and be unique and be heard amongst all the thousands of reps, right? But today we’re going to be talking about the 10 reasons you need to be creating a live video as a network marketer. Um, obviously as what I just said, there are thousands of people in your company selling the same products and services, right? Same makeup, same health products, saved templates. Um, but the one thing that’s a different issue and what you deliver with those products. So live video is a huge way to get yourself out there and be seen as different DD. Be Loud and proud. Throw yourself out there and let people know what you’re the authority in and that’s probably around your products or recruiting, right?

Speaker 1: (00:58)
Um, the live video is the way to go. I’m doing it right now as I podcast here. I am also, uh, streaming on Youtube, LinkedIn, my Facebook business pages. I can even, I can even stream on my profile. I just don’t do that at the moment. Um, I have Facebook groups I’m streaming in and I’m also using my cell phone on the side. I’m here you guys can’t see on the podcast. But on to my left is, um, my cell phone where I’m streaming live to, to Instagram. So like I’m on literally live on like seven different pages or platforms right now, which is pretty awesome on top of being in the podcast. Um, so live video is amazing. People like to watch it, they like to consume it. Um, especially if it’s interesting, right? Especially if we’re teaching or giving value. Um, and people will want to learn or, um, want to see if they’re on the right track with things.

Speaker 1: (01:50)
Right? So the 10, then today’s I’m just gonna give you 10 reasons, but I’m going to give you some stats. First of all, in live video. So if I’m looking down here, I’m just looking at the notes I wrote. Um, but 80% of people would rather watch live video from a brand or business than read a blog post. That’s interesting. Um, I’m a visual learner, so I do love reading, but I also like watching videos. I seem to grasp it more. That’s just the way my brain processes information. Um, and I, it’s, it’s just quicker. Uh, it is more entertaining than reading, let’s be honest. Right? So 80% of people would rather do that, I’m sure. Are you part of the 80? Are you part of a 20? Who knows? But comment below, um, on any of the live videos or come back to my podcast and let me know.

Speaker 1: (02:32)
Would you rather watch a live video or read a blog post? Um, 82% of people prefer live video from businesses and brands and marketers than social posts. So that says a lot about where Facebook is, right? I mean, Instagram is huge. Look at the Instagram stories, which is like the behind the scenes pictures. Um, you could do live and post it to your Instagram stories. I mean, there’s IGT v now, there’s youtube is huge. We all know this. It’s like a surgical for, um, information. Um, people love live video. I mean you even Facebook it, it favors live videos or videos that are uploaded natively the platform without a link. That’s what natively means. Like you can just upload your video right on there. Instagram loves that and if favors it and it shows up more in the algorithm when you do that. So there’s social media is caught onto this concept because of these stats, right?

Speaker 1: (03:25)
And 78% of people on Facebook watch are watching live video right now as we speak. So if you’re one of that 78 %, right, um, 75% of your email subscribers will not subscribe if you’re sending out videos. Wow, that’s interesting. They’ll not subscribe if you’re not sending out videos. That’s super interesting. So people would rather consume videos. It’s also interesting cause you like if you came and watch the video, you can listen, right? Like that’s why podcasting is amazing because you can just listen as you go about your day throwing in your earbuds, you’re not bothering anybody. So that’s another option. Why video is so cool is because you don’t have to necessarily watch. You can also listen to, um, which means you can multitask, which cause all of us are so busy that this kind of makes sense. Right? Um, people love the live video though.

Speaker 1: (04:13)
Um, the number one reason and these are in no order of importance, this is just 10 reasons that I’m going through. So whatever importance you think you make of it, go right ahead. But, um, reason number ones, you’re going to grow your audience cause people want to see what they want to see, what you have to say and they want to hear and see it. They want to see who you are. They want to see if they let know, like, and trust you. And live video does it so much quicker than like writing a blog post. Um, they get to see you, they get to see how you interact and get to see your mannerisms and personality come out. Um, that’s Kinda harder to draw out in a written post, but they see it right away. Then know, like, and trust immediately. It’s like so much easier to know, like, and trust somebody when you’re seeing them on video.

Speaker 1: (04:52)
So it makes sense. Like I can show my emotions on live video again, I can be sad, happy, excited. I can do all these things on live video and you can see it in react. And that’s why, and it’s like an immediate thing. Like it can just someone goes live, I can immediately just go watch it. I don’t have to, um, do anything else, you know? So it’s, it’s, it’s a convenience thing. It’s an entertainment thing. It’s learning. You learn on the spot. Um, so it’s, that’s why it’s important. And if you’re going live consistently, you’re growing an audience. People want to come back. Like if you’re getting out the great value on your products or services or whatever business during, if you’re in the health niche, you’re giving out great health advice. People want to come back and learn more from you. They want to see what you’re gonna say next.

Speaker 1: (05:34)
Um, if you’re doing makeup, if you’re doing makeup tutorials, they want to see how you’re going to put on your makeup next. What colors are you going to use it live video is so good for growing your audience, especially if you’re doing it consistently. So that’s like rule number one, do it consistently, right? Um, but number one is also growing your audience this way. Um, you could s number two as you set yourself up as an authority, um, let’s be honest, a lot of entrepreneurs are very, or even on polymers, are scared to do live video. They want to put themselves out there to be judged or to feel like they’re horrible at what they do. Like everybody starts somewhere. If you go back and look at like Gary V’s videos, he sucked and he was just starting. He sucked and these are the like this is a long time ago.

Speaker 1: (06:15)
He’s gotten good because he just kept going. So starting and doing it consistently. Tell yourself you’re going to do it three times a week or you’re just going to do like a five-minute video, a two-minute video. You just to get started and get over that fear is going to create, it’s going to remove that number one barrier you have right now with live video and it’s, you need to be doing it. You do like to know, like, and trust factor is so much faster than just putting yourself out there with a social media post now and then. Even if you’re posting like three times a day with just text posts with pictures, that amount of no like, and trust is going to, it’s, it slows down with live video podcasting. You hear and see people and it grows it so much faster.

Speaker 1: (06:54)
So, um, especially with what you’re saying, you’re saying they understand like you’re not like sitting here reading word for word off of a screen. Um, when you’re doing a live video, some of it could, you know, you can take notes and look back at it. Everybody does that. That’s not a big deal. But like you’re talking and educating from what you know and you’re giving them value and you’re not being like, oh, please come buy my stuff. You’re not being desperate. You’re just sharing value so people can get something from you. And that builds the know, like, and trust. Like if you’re teaching them something, you’re giving them a tip, you’re giving them a free tool, they’re going to come back and see what else you’re going to give, um, or what you’re going to be doing next. So it’s like, it’s about giving it is and um, that’s like huge.

Speaker 1: (07:37)
So keep giving, keep showing up, keep educating and you’re gonna be known as the authority and people are like, Oh wow, I really can’t sleep well, but I know this person that, that was talking about all these tips for sleep. Let me go back and find it. I know Val talks about sleep, so let me go back and see what Val has to say. You know, I know sandy does a weight loss and I want to lose 10 pounds before I go to this wedding. So let me go back and see what Wendy wrote about that and see what else I can find on it. That’s the authority you want to be. You want to be like when someone says weight loss. If you’re selling weight loss products and someone says weight loss, they want to be your name wants to come up first.

Speaker 1: (08:11)
So you’ve got to show up consistently. This is getting into their newsfeed because a lot of times people aren’t seeing your live videos right away, so you need to be doing them consistently. Um, it’s also building your content. I mean, you can, you haven’t, you can have an email list and you’re opting in and putting them through a funnel and you can send these videos again, upload them to Youtube, um, or just send a link from an old live video and have them come back to Facebook and watch it as you’re growing the content library that you can just use. And you can use this in email marketing, your live videos. You can send them out after people opt-in. The old ones they haven’t seen, be like, oh, have you seen this? I talk about this and that and then this one. Or you can put it up in a blog, like give a blog and you have your live video in there.

Speaker 1: (08:51)
I’ll check out this live video I did today. Throw thrown back to your website. You’re increasing, uh, visitors, which is helping your SEO out. So do live videos, save them, repurpose them into blog posts will be amazing to do and you can repurpose on a lot of other places too. I have a whole content plan. If you guys want to learn how to repurpose your content and be all over the place. Um, I have ways to split up videos, um, and take like a week and a half of posts out of one video. It’s quite amazing. So the power of live videos, it’s just huge. Um, and a lot of people come back for the replay. So understanding you get on a live video when you’re first starting and you’re going to be talking about, um, health for your MLM. You might have like one or two life people, like your friends that showed up.

Speaker 1: (09:35)
They were, you know, that are on there. But understand that like 80 to 90% of the people, they’re going to come back to the replay. So do your live video for replay viewers. Don’t, you can come out and say hi to people and acknowledge them cause that’s always great to be acknowledged, right? When you’re on a video that someone sees that you’re watching, of course, do that. But understand that you know, 80 to 98% of your lives visitors aren’t going to be on the route place and be like, Hey, if you’re on the replay type replay or say hi if you’re, if you’re tuning into the replay, you know, something like that because those are the majority of your visitors are going to be on that. So keep that in mind as a tip to a number four is you can repurpose them. I already spoke about this.

Speaker 1: (10:14)
You can throw your live video up on Youtube. Um, and you can delete parts where you greet the viewers and stuff like that. You can edit that out and just throw it up on Youtube. You can answer questions. Um, you can throw it up on Facebook. You can divide it into smaller pieces of information of up to five minutes. This is what I was just talking about, my re-purposing claim. Um, and you can share it on, on your page or in, in his story or you can do it in a group for Instagram. You can create video clips that are up to, you know, two minutes, one minute, 15 seconds and throw it up on your story. You can do it on Ige TV. If it’s under 10 minutes. Um, you can throw it up all over the place or you can even put a link to your youtube video in your profile so they can come back and watch it.

Speaker 1: (10:54)
Just put a post up and be like, check my, the link in my bio to watch my latest live video on blah, blah, blah, uh, 10 tips to, uh, lose weight today. Um, blog. You can transcribe your live video, you can send it to like rev or Trent or Tammy and you can have it come back and you can throw it up and make it a blog and put the video, embed the video in your blog post. Great idea. Um, and obviously for, for podcasts and you need to strip like this live video audio and you can throw it up on a podcast too. So it’s like awesome. Um, if you need any help doing that, come back to this blog. Uh, in the show notes, I have a blog with all the different ways that you can repurpose your live videos. So great for you guys to do.

Speaker 1: (11:35)
Just I’ll, I’ll throw a link in the show notes. Um, or even on the live videos, I’ll throw links. You guys can go back and look at this. Number five is it increases your email subscribers. Your emails are, is a gold line. Like literally your email lists, take care of it, love on them, send them everything new and great and wonderful. You have, um, cause this is your list. That’s yours. You own it. Like you don’t own Facebook videos, faith, you throw it up there, that’s Facebook. It’s like free reign. Anyone can share it and it will do whatever they want with it. But your list, that’s yours. So take care of it. Um, and always be list building. Like, if you have a Freebie, tell people about it. Um, put it Lincoln under the live video and they can go and download it.

Speaker 1: (12:17)
And then you have a free, you know, once they put their email address in there, um, you have somebody who could speak to, um, send them more value. Um, when you have a course or a product or service that’s in line with what they need, send it to them, tell them what it does. You know this is great. Email marketing is great for that. Um, you can always have a call to action in your live videos. Uh, even if it’s just come join my Facebook group, like have them taking action. You know, it’s, it’s a great way to build your list. It is. Especially if you’re offering value in or you’re offering, as you talk about live video and you’d be like, hey, you can download the pdf that I made with the 10 reasons on it. You can download me repurposing plan.

Speaker 1: (12:56)
Just come back to, you know, come back to my blog. Um, throw, throwing your email address. It’s all yours for free. That’s huge, right? That’s that. This is why what, um, levity is going to do for you guys. It’s going to opt-in. It’s going to get people watching. I’m wanting to get more information from you and get the answers to what they’re struggling with. Um, especially when it comes to weight loss. Maybe you may need products they can’t sleep. They need, uh, uh, uh, to help sleep better. You can give them five tips to sleep better and then once they opt in to get that, you can start sending them information on the sleep products you have and what it will do to help them. That’s the answers to their questions. That’s the value and that’s what black live video does. You can do that, those five tips on a live video and be like, hey, you can download what I just talked about.

Speaker 1: (13:40)
Just come and get the Freebie. And if people need that, what you’re offering, they will opt-in. Especially if you’re giving live going on videos all the time to give the content. It’s huge. Number six is growing your relationships. We get it. Like I’m on here, I’m talking to people. People get to know, like, and trust me whether they like me, don’t like me. Find yourself valuable, will not like I get an answer either way. It doesn’t matter. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea. Neither are you. It’s okay. You can’t, you don’t sell that everybody. I help network marketers, somebody else that’s not in that marketing recommender might think I’m ridiculous other than maybe somebody else, another nine remarks, just like she’s ridiculous on that. Watching her. That’s okay. I’m not your cup of tea, but some people find me valuable and that’s the people that I want to reach.

Speaker 1: (14:22)
And um, you’re not going to find everyone that’s not gonna find you valuable either. It’s okay. Find your tribe or work with those people. Okay. Um, and that’s what growing your relationships all about. People will ask you questions, you can answer them. They might even message you cause they have a personal issue that they, you think they think you can help with. That’s the relationship. Give them value. Um, speak with them, find out what’s what they need and then offer it to them. Um, number seven is easy to create. Create your content. Heck yeah. Live video is easy to create content, let’s be honest, right? Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It’s it. You get on for five minutes, you share value, you offer something and then they come in often and um, you’re creating content all the time. Then you can repurpose this. This can go all over the place.

Speaker 1: (15:08)
So at one time and it can go, you know, to like seven different platforms at once. So that’s the value of it. And the other seven reasons I gave you before, I’ll go in line with that and increases your engagement. Like ask questions online video has, have people comment like, Hey, are you, do you guys utilize video of you? If you do, let me know. Just write yes and it’ll give a reason to, you know, for them to comment. And that helps your algorithms of boost. Like somewhat more people can see it. Like you’re getting interaction and people like this. Facebook’s going to show it to more people or Igg or any other platform. You’re on youtube, it’s gonna open that up somewhere. People can see it and get to see how amazing you are and what you’re offering. Especially if you’re offering valuable information.

Speaker 1: (15:54)
Like if you’re offering ways, fewer tips and somebody loves it and their people are interacting, you’re asking questions like how many, how many pounds, how many pounds did you want to lose in the next 30 days? Type it below and people are commenting, that’s great. You get this interaction, you can get off the video later on and still interact with them after the video is over. What too. So that’s the power of live video is they can, they can answer now on the replay and then you can continue to talk with them. And that might even lead to like go into like messenger and having a personal one on one conversation, which is an awesome cause that’s really um, personally let’s help me, you know, like, and trust factor in building that relationship and trust with them. So number nine is it builds demands for your products or services.

Speaker 1: (16:34)
If you’re offering great advice all the time and you’re saying and you’re telling stories about your products and what they’ve done for others and what they’ve done for you, people are going to want like what is she, what is this product? Because I see all these great results. I hear all these great things about weight, the weight loss product she has. Let me see what this is. When you offer it, people want to look and they want to purchase them, they see the results, they hear the results, um, and they hear what kind of benefits they’re going to get from it. What, what it does for people that helps you amazingly. So let’s want, you need to be doing this live video. I need to be talking about the benefits and, um, the pain that people are struggling with and what, what your products do to solve that.

Speaker 1: (17:15)
Um, it, the last number of time is it helps you grow as an online marketer. Uh, we all want to be better on a, at marketers on live video and like Gary v is amazing today because he’s been consistent for the last, how many years has it been? I don’t even know that decade egg. I don’t even know how long he’s been around. He’s been around, it seems like forever, right? But he’s been doing this since he was a kid. So he’s amazing in it now because he’s done so much work in doing it. So the key is getting up here and then just going for it. And you’re going to suck at the beginning. You might not, and you’re like, just be amazing. It might be a natural edit, but most people just suck in the beginning. But you’re going to suck less the next day and you’re stuck last.

Speaker 1: (17:54)
And eventually, you’re going to get awesome at it. And you’re gonna know exactly what you’re going to do because you have a process down because you’ve been doing it and you’re consistent. And that’s with like anything in life, let’s be honest. But we need to get over the fear of judgment and failure. And my video. You needed to just start doing it. Yeah. Um, so that’s, that’s my 10 tips. I’ll just go back over. I’m again, I’ll let you know. Um, grow you, it helps you grow your audience. One set yourself as an authority to build your content. Three helps you can repurpose your content was number four, a five and increases your email subscriptions if you’re doing it correctly, right? Six is growing your relationships. Seven is easy to create. Your content. Eight is increasing your engagement. Nine is built demand for your products or services.

Speaker 1: (18:44)
And 10 is growing as an online marketer. And I also have, if you come back to the blog here, I also have the apps I use to create live videos and do my podcast. So if you’re interested in looking at the tools I use, come on back here and check it out. So this is a funnel creator secrets podcast. I’m Val Kuikman and we just discussed the 10 reasons you need to be doing online video as a network marketer. Hey, hope you enjoyed it. Come on back here to the podcast. Leave a review. Uh, we all comments. And if you’re in network marketing and you want some more help in creating your unique products and standing out amongst all the thousands of reps in your company, so you can recruit a bigger down-line, sell more products, come back, come and join the, uh, marketing automation for network marketers Facebook group. It’s a group I started for a mission to eliminate spam marketing. And I love to have you in there and you can interact with the, our community in there and get some help so you can start creating your unique products and services and stand out online. So everyone has a wonderful day. Thanks for listening and, uh, go crush it.

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