How To Build A Better Social Media Presence

How To Build A Better Social Media Presence

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 043: How To Build A Better Social Media Presence

Building a strong social media process is a long journey, not an overnight trip. It requires perseverance and careful consideration of branding. [click_to_tweet tweet=”You want your audience to be interested, engaged and interacting with your content.” quote=”You want your audience to be interested, engaged and interacting with your content.” theme=”style1″]The easiest way to ensure you are posting a variety of regular content and meeting audience demands is to create a plan.

The following outlines a step-by-step approach to developing this plan to ensure all bases are covered when it comes to your social media presence:

Decide on your niche

Before you even start to think about your content, consider your niche.

What are you offering to your audience?

Where do you fit in the vast online world?

What is your approach, your values, your intention? 

The answers to these questions will help to establish the niche you want to exist in and what type of audience you are hoping to attract.

Decide on how often you would like to post

Once you know your niche, decide the frequency of your posts. Consider the different platforms that you use and how they work together. Remember you will need to post regularly to remain visible, but you don’t want to overwhelm your audience by flooding their newsfeed.


Decide on the type of content that you want to post

Now that you know the frequency of your posts on different platforms, carefully consider what content you will need to keep your pages active and engaging. These need to appeal directly to your target audience based on the niche that you are operating within. These posts should be relevant to current information, but also try to add something to the existing market. Consider a range of posts (obviously dependent on the particular platform) such as visuals, anecdotes, small video clips, fun facts, events, and promotions.

Analytics How To Develop A Plan To Build A Better Social Media Presence

Use analytics

Analytics is a critical part of a social media plan that is often overlooked. You’ve spent all of this time deciding on the content you will post, how often and who it should be targeted towards, but what’s the use if you don’t know what content is performing best? Do some research and add in a section about how you will measure the performance of your content and different social media platforms. This will inform you as to what content is most popular and what platforms are most effective for your purpose.


How To Use A Range Of Social Media Platforms To Develop A Social Media Presence

With so many options out there, it can be difficult to decide what social media platforms will best serve your purpose. The reality is that multiple social media platforms are typically needed to be used in combination to produce the greatest impact. The question is, how do you know what platforms to use? How do you manage them together in a way that is both seamless and maximizes performance? Consider the following to ensure you are using a range of social media platforms to successfully develop your online presence.


Decide what platforms to use

The first, and perhaps the most difficult, consideration is deciding what platforms to use. These days, the possibilities are endless. Some companies choose to operate on numerous platforms while other only one or two. The most effective option is to choose a few that you believe work for your brand and will appeal to your target audience, and focus on making these great. Think about your target audience and what platforms they use the most. Even if you are a business, there’s no point using LinkedIn as your sole social media platform if you are trying to appeal to tweens and teens. On the other hand, Instagram might be hugely popular right now but perhaps not the best tool to use when appealing to an older demographic who are big users of Facebook. 


Define your brand

The key to making a range of social media platforms work effectively together is to be consistent across all of them. This requires a specific definition of your brand and what exactly you are trying to represent. Consider your target audience and what will engage them. What products/services/messages are you promoting? What do you stand for? What are your values? What is the purpose of your brand? Once you have answers to these, make sure you represent them across every single one of your social media accounts. The easiest way to undermine your social media presence is to have Instagram claim one thing while Twitter says another.


Develop a plan

With multiple active platforms, it can be difficult to track what content is being posted and what’s most effective. Make a plan of how regularly you will post on each platform and what type of content it will be. This will prevent you from doubling up or posting the same type of content over and over again.

The most effective way to develop social media presence is to use multiple platforms, but keep in mind that consistency is crucial to ensuring the endeavor is a success.

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Show Notes:

Val Kuikman: (00:01)
Good morning. Welcome to the funnel creators secrets podcast. I’m your host Val Kuikman content creator, digital marketer. And I help unite network marketers against spam marketing so we can build our businesses ethically and in a different way. Today is episode 43 or we are going to talk about all about how to build a better social media presence. Social media is like amazing for growing a network marketing business because we have access to all these people that we didn’t have access to before. If it wasn’t for social media, uh, we’d have to be knocking on doors, writing our blog posts, going live events, having home parties like the home part, like some of these things. I in network marketing, I just couldn’t get wrap my head around like I didn’t want to do home parties. I didn’t want to go nuts. I love, I like live events, don’t get me like big live events, but I didn’t want to host events.

Val Kuikman: (01:05)
I just don’t have the time for that. I worked full time. Um, and social media was like the key to me to like building a network marketing business and building a business like online and talking to people and building relationships without having to like go over your way and be everywhere, so to speak physically. It just gave us more me more options and I’m sure it’s giving you more options. So developing a better presence on social media is, is the key to generate more leads and sales and recruiting more people to your app, your business opportunity. So this is why I’m so excited about this. Um, the number, the first thing you want to do when you’re building a social media presence, um, any platform is to decide on your niche. Because if you’re talking to everybody, you’re talking to nobody, you want to talk to specific people talk about their, their roadblocks, their struggles, your struggles and how they can relate to you.

Val Kuikman: (01:58)
Like if you’re specifically speaking like mine’s network marketing and I’m speaking about the struggles, struggles, I’m having more people that are in that room would be like, yes, I have that too. What did she do to overcome this problem? What she, what she does to build a social media presence. Like these are all great things. So deciding on who your audiences and, um, who you’re serving. I’m serving network marketers. I want to eliminate spam marketing. I wanna teach a different way. I had to kick somebody out of my community group on Facebook yesterday. Um, I have, we have a bunch of rules we follow and one of them we don’t, um, promote. We’re in there to learn how to avoid spam marketing, right? Well, this person comes in the group may be in there a couple of days and post an obvious biz opportunity. Um, these are looking close.

Val Kuikman: (02:47)
It was formatted well it looked great, but this is, my community isn’t the place to do that and right. We’re, we’re trying to learn in there and support each other. Um, so I, um, flagged the post. Yeah. She violated a rule in like deleted the post and sent a message to her. And you can do this all on Facebook. It lets you do that in a, in a group, which is amazing how far they’ve come with Facebook groups. Um, and I sent a message to her to like checking the rules she violated. And I said this is not the group for spamming or posting your visit op. We don’t do that in here. You need to find a different place to uh, grow your network. And I either she didn’t read it, she didn’t get it or she just didn’t care. So then here we go two days later the same post again.

Val Kuikman: (03:37)
Um, but the amazing thing about Facebook groups is I was able to moderate just her posts, which is an amazing feature. Um, I just learned about yesterday, I was able to just filter her posts so she couldn’t post without my approval because I already had warned her and I saw that this post came up again is waiting for approval, the same post that she already posted, the same one. So, uh, at that point I just removed it from the group. Um, which was awesome that it was allowed me to do that cause then that doesn’t show up in the community and ruin the community. Cause the whole point of the community is to avoid spam marketing. And here she goes, spamming in the group, right? So, um, stands on what you believe in, in your niche and let people, people know what it is. I stand against Fan Marketing.

Val Kuikman: (04:23)
So I’m just not gonna allow that in my group. What do you stand for? Let people know because they’ll follow you because of what you do. Stand for your values, your intention, your approach. Um, the answers to these questions are going to help you establish your niche. So what is your approach, your values, and your intention? What are you offering your audience and where do you fit in this fast online world? Cause it’s huge, right? Where do you fit in? Mine’s network marketing and help avoid spam marketing for network and MLMs. That’s just what it is. And I help them build funnels and other automation that helps them grow their business and generate more leads and sales. And the next thing you want to figure out to build your presence is like how often do you want to post? Once you know your niche, you can decide the frequency of your posts.

Val Kuikman: (05:15)
A lot of people are saying three to five times a day. I get that. But it’s got to be quality content. Three to five days a day. I don’t want you to post anyone posting people on my team, anyone in my community posting three to five times a day, crap content. Um, if you’re going to post three times a day, it better be great content. Um, don’t just poke posts for the sake of posting cause you had to post five times a day. No, I don’t want you doing that. And I want you to post when you have something to say that’s of value. If you want to share photos of your kids and talk about your family and then the other personal stuff, that’s completely okay, but like your business posts and stuff about, um, what you’re offering, your value, your, your biz opportunity.

Val Kuikman: (05:58)
I want you to post that when you have something to say, not just to sell. So, um, and to, and decide what kind of content you want to post. Like do, yesterday I talked about the five different types of posts. There’s video, there’s audio, there are photos, there’s, ah, she’s, I can’t, with the infographics, there are blogs. Like we can do a bunch of different things with posting. So mix it up, it’ll give you more options and more opportunities to post great content. Right? And it needs it. This content needs to appeal directly to your audience, um, that based on the niche you’re operating in. So if you’re in an online, you’re, I talked a lot about makeup. I’m not in makeup, I’m all, I’m just so, you know, but I just thought of a great idea that came to mind about it and what people can do.

Val Kuikman: (06:42)
Um, you could post visuals, small video clips on facts, events, promotions. Those are all the things I talked about yesterday. Um, and I talked about a specific video that, um, makeup artists can do. Um, that would be amazing that I’d like to see, like how to put on makeup, like how-to videos on that would be great for anyone in the makeup niche. Like, if your unique, unique, I know an alum, if you’re in that started doing those videos cause I think that’d be amazing and you’d get a lot of people watching them cause I don’t know how to, I want to make up correctly and I’d love to see it. Um, analytics are a critical part of social media that are overlooked and you spent your, you spend a lot of time deciding on the content but you don’t spend a lot of times seeing how well it’s doing.

Val Kuikman: (07:22)
What I would do to look at, if you’re doing live video, this is like a super, super great idea. If if you’re doing live video, go back and look at your live videos and see which one got the most views. Those are the topics you want to continue to talk about. And then you can create more topics around that. Like, looking back at them like mine. Personal Development ones get tons of views. So my audience wants to learn more about personal development. So I’m going to do more personal development lives because that’s what they want. We have to give them what they want, not what you want to talk about. Um, but you can, so bring in what you want to talk about in there because there are some things on like network marketing that I particularly just don’t want to talk about. I don’t like to, but if my audience wants to learn about it, I am willing to talk about it ’cause that’s what they want.

Val Kuikman: (08:07)
It’s not what I want. It’s what they want. So understand that and look at your analytics, look back at your last 10 live videos, see what the topics were and how many of you use they got and how many engagements they got. The ones with the higher engagements and views are topics you need to revisit and talk more on and dive deeper in because that’s what people are looking for. Um, so even, uh, like times to post, the best thing you can do is like go online and just go into Facebook if that’s what you’re, where you’re at. Cause specifically what I’m talking about right now, you can do it on other platforms. You can look at analytics, but I’m gonna talk specifically about Facebook. You can go on Facebook and there’s that chat feature on your Mo, on your desktop computer. Um, you can do this in messenger if you’re on mobile, but if you’re on your desktop feature, you can go into Facebook and look at the bottom, um, corner or on the sidebar.

Val Kuikman: (09:00)
I put my chat, I minimized it. But you can look in your chat feature, see how many people are online and then like when the numbers are higher, write down those times but the numbers are higher and those are the times you want to go live or the Times you want to post your content. Um, that’s a great way to look at. It’s not exactly accurate how many people are online, but it’s a great feature to use to find out when you need to be in line when more people are online in your niche and your followers and your friends and you want to go online when they’re online. Um, understand live video. You might not have a lot of people watching all the time, but you need to make your video live videos for your replay viewers. So keep that in mind.

Val Kuikman: (09:40)
You always want to be doing your live video for your replay viewers. Um, and you can interact with them in there, but do it as everybody’s, nobody’s life and an on the replay. So, um, another thing is to decide what platform you want to use. Obviously Facebook’s got the most viewers, so, um, you want to spend some time in there, but maybe you like doing Instagram, like Instagram is your jam, right then do Instagram, you can do live videos and Instagram, you can do stories, you can do just photo posters, so much more. You can hit those platforms come such a long way in the last couple of years. Um, that you can do it on there. Pinterest is fantastic for anyone that has, um, makeup, uh, fitness, health, like blog articles, anything like that can go in there. And, and p and parents even moved into videos, which is amazing.

Val Kuikman: (10:29)
I’m not sure how that’s gonna pan out on that site cause it’s just so visual and um, content like, like photo-friendly and like visual graphics friendly that I’m not sure how it’s going to do but it’s worth looking into and it’s so brand new. It’s we’re trying out so decide what platforms you want to use, um, that have large ears. If you’re more into an um, business-minded, you’re into consulting or anything like that. Like maybe you’re doing a personal development MLM. I’ve heard of them, which is quite interesting. I’d like to look into it just to see what that’s about. But LinkedIn is a great place for the more professional minded people that you want to find your leads and sales on there. Define your brand. Like what’s your specific definition here of your brand and what exactly you’re trying to represent? Like what products, services, messages are you promoting?

Val Kuikman: (11:19)
What do you stand for? What are your values? What is the purpose of your brand? And those are the questions you want to answer. So what do you stand for? What product service messages are you promoting? What are your values? What is the purpose of your brand? And once you have those answered, you can represent them across every single one of your social media accounts. Um, and as I have already mentioned, make sure your profile image and your name are the same across every platform. The best way people can find you. So say you’re on Facebook, but you’re also on Instagram. Keep the same name, the same profile photo. So if someone’s over on Instagram and starts seeing you come up in their newsfeed, they’re like, Oh wow, I’ve seen her on Facebook, I’m friends with her, I’m going to add her. Because if you keep a different name, they’re not going to, maybe they, we scroll so fast, sometimes they’re not going to put the connection together, but you keep the name and the profile picture.

Val Kuikman: (12:12)
The same people will recognize you in other platforms in agile. So, um, and develop a plan. Like if you have multiple platforms, it’s difficult to track what content is being posted and the, what’s the most effective, but make a plan and, and how regularly you post on the platform and what type of content and will be. And this will prevent you from doubling up or posting the same content over and over again. So keep, keep posts, keep ’em a log of what you’re posting. Like I, I don’t post the same thing on Facebook that I post on Instagram. It’s relatively the same, but I don’t put them out at the same time every day cause people are saying the same thing twice. Um, might be good on bigger platforms. Like you can repurpose content on Facebook, um, your Facebook page, your Facebook group, your Facebook personal profile, you can do that.

Val Kuikman: (12:59)
Um, but you want to be posting everything the same across every platform all the time cause it gets just really boring. So try and mix it up. Um, maybe you post a video one day on Facebook and then you repurpose it like a week later to put it on Instagram or a couple of days later. Not everyone’s gonna see everything all the time with the algorithm. So that’s completely okay. So you’re going to want to use a range of social media platforms like Omni, Omnichannel approach. You’ve got to be everywhere. I have a total re-purposing plan for that. Um, you gotta use the analytics to figure out what time you’re on, your people are on and what’s your biggest platform, where are they coming from? And you could check your blog for that too, to find out where what platforms people are coming from. You want to put more content on those platforms.

Val Kuikman: (13:44)
Um, use analytics. Google Analytics is great. You can hook it up to your blog and you can even, and that’s where you’re gonna find where people are coming from. If you’re putting links to your blog in there too, you can even go on Facebook, your Facebook group, you can do to you. I think it’s socio craft at Io and you can find out, um, where people are coming from and your groups and like what posts are liking the most. It’s great Instagram. Um, it also does it for that as well. So that’s just another analytic site you can use. Um, decide what platforms you’re going to use to find your brand and develop a plan that are the keys to social media presence. Consistency is always key. And this isn’t an overnight thing. To build out a plan and stay consistent, occur over and over again, and it’s gonna start to build momentum.

Val Kuikman: (14:32)
The compound effect Info is an effect here. Just stay consistent. Like I’m on episode 43. I’m doing quite well here. Um, I like to deliver content to help you guys. I really, really want to see you guys succeed and your network marketing business says, and your online businesses, even if you’re doing something outside of the normal one, I know this can help you too. So that’s it on social media presence today. Please come back here to funnel crater secrets podcast. Leave a review, subscribe, share anything you find value with your teams. Um, cause I want to help you guys out. The some of the information I gave you on Facebook is pretty invaluable. So go back and listen to the replay here and check out the show notes. Uh, love, love to have you guys here. Love that you’re listening. Thank you. Um, and come back tomorrow for another episode. Have a wonderful weekend. Everybody.

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