5 Types Of Content To Develop A Social Media Presence

5 Types Of Content To Develop A Social Media Presence

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 042: 5 Types Of Content To Develop A Social Media Presence

With social media now a constant fixture in our lives, there is no surprise that it is being used to promote businesses, messages, and lifestyles.

While the use of social media comes naturally to some, others take more time and consideration to effectively develop their social media platforms. The truth is there are easy steps that can be taken to help develop your social media presence, the most important to do with your content.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”The content you post is critical to your social media success: it attracts traffic, engages your audience and promotes your brand. For your content to successfully to do all of these things, it needs to be interesting, current and varied.” quote=”The content you post is critical to your social media success: it attracts traffic, engages your audience and promotes your brand. In order for your content to successfully to do all of these things, it needs to be interesting, current and varied.” theme=”style1″]

The following 5 types of content are easy to add to your social media platforms to ensure your audience remains engaged:choosing images for your content 5 Types Of Content That Help Develop A Social Media Presence

1. Photos

It has always been said that a photo is worth a thousand words and this is true for social media. A favorite among social media users, photos can be used to convey messages in an easy-to-understand and engaging manner. Use photos to liven up your platforms while also conveying your brand.

2. Videos

Videos are particularly useful when seeking to develop a social media presence as they are one of the easiest ways to engage people. Try keeping them short and to-the-point, making sure that they align with your branding but also provide value to your audience.

3. Events

Looking for different ways to engage people?

Consider holding an online event to bring people together. This will help to build a like-minded community and keep them connected with your social media platforms.

Promoting health and fitness?

Create a week-long challenge and share a daily workout to get people committed and interested in your brand.

Selling clothing?

Try setting up an event for a one day sale where people who have responded ‘yes’ to the event receive a 10% discount/free gift/$10 voucher. This is also a great way of keeping track of the people who are engaging with your social media. 

5 Types Of Content That Help Develop A Social Media Presence

4. Tips and facts

Try to add value to your social media posts. What are you providing that other pages in your niche are not? Sharing regular tips and facts around your topics is a great way to share information with your audience and keep engagement levels high.

5. Blog posts

Many social media platforms have restrictions on the number of words that can be posted. Try maintaining a blog and post the link (along with an engaging caption and image) on your social media platforms. That way you will be able to share more detailed information with your most loyal followers!

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Show Notes

Speaker 1: (00:01)
Welcome, welcome funnel creators secrets podcast. I’m your host Val, kuikman, content creator, digital marketer, network marketer and I help unite MLMs against spam marketing and to learn a different way. And today is episode 42 where I’m going to be giving you five types of content that will help you develop a better social media presence around your business in MLM. So content, we all want to be creating it, right? But we want, we don’t want to be creating any type of content you want to be creating like valuable content that our particular products or services, the problems they solve, like our niche. We want to give them exactly what they’re looking for to solve their problems and to move them further down the a value ladder in our business because we have what they need. We just have to give them enough value so they understand that we can solve, we can solve their problems.

Speaker 1: (01:03)
We wanted to develop the trust, the know, like and trust factor, right? We hear it all the time, but these are the tips that are going to move you closer to building a better relationship with your leads. And that will help you generate more sales in your business too, especially in your MLM. Cause it’s, it’s, it’s difficult. People have, um, developed this, I don’t know, stigma against network marketers that were all spammers, which is why I’m on a mission to avoid spanned marketing and changed the stigma that network marketers have against being spammers. So I just want to teach you guys a better way to do it so you don’t have to throw your company name out there and blast all your sales on Facebook and want to do it ethically. So people come to us because we are an authority in our area. So today I wanted to help you guys with that.

Speaker 1: (01:57)
By giving you five types of content you can start using, I’m on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, wherever, so you can develop the social media presence of being an authority in that area. So, um, we want to be doing this consistently cause that’s the key. If we’re not doing this consistency or not, people aren’t gonna see you as the authority. So that’s first and foremost. But um, the content you post is critical to your social media success. It’s gonna help you attract traffic, engage your audience and promote your brand. So consistency is key, right? And the content is key. Um, the content you post is critical to your social media success because it’s going to help you attract more traffic. That’s what we’re trying to do here on social media is to attract an audience and to track a newer audience. Cause we don’t want to pitch our family and friends.

Speaker 1: (02:48)
And I’m sure you guys don’t want to do that. Even if you’re not in an, and I’m alone and you’re listening in, you don’t want to be doing that. You don’t want to pitch your family and friends. It’s, it’s just not something we want to do. We want to get new people that don’t know who we are to come in and call deeds. Right? And from this content that we’re producing, we’re going to turn them into warm leads, which is going to eventually turn them into hot leads. This is a process. This takes time. This is not an overnight thing, so we need to be patient. Um, if you are not patients need to learn to develop it. Get some personal development books that are going to help you out there, um, to get in the right mindset to stay the course. So type number one of the content you want to be, um, posting on social media as obviously photos, people love photos and we want to be posting it’s worth a thousand words, right?

Speaker 1: (03:34)
That’s why they’re so popular. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest is all photos. They’ve moved into videos now just very recently, but, um, they’re super popular. People love to see what you’re up to, what you’re doing. And besides, behind the scenes is huge for photos. Like show people what you’re up to in your business, show them what you’re creating. Um, if you’re in the health and fitness business, show him that you’re also a product of the products, right? I am sure we all learn that, um, don’t specifically mention your product but show them that you’re healthy. This is what you do. Cause people want to learn from somebody that is healthy and has results too. So, um, do your kids working out great. You working with their kids? That’s huge. Huge picture. I’ve noticed it’s very popular. So if you’re in a health and fitness area, just some tips.

Speaker 1: (04:20)
I’m sure you’re already doing that, but it’s the text that goes with this image that makes the difference. Um, videos, videos are like number one, if you’re not doing videos, if you’re not creating like a small one minute video for Instagram, you can throw it up on Facebook. Youtube is huge. I mean they even put a video feature and Pinterest to just tell you how important it is. And that was all visual, um, photos and in progress clicks and that kind of thing. So, and videos are great to engage if you’re, if you’re not doing a live video for your, for a, in an MLM, you need to be doing it. You need to be doing it consistently. Like once a week minimum. Um, you’re teaching your team, your, you’re attracting a new audience by showing your authority. So if you’re in the health and fitness niche or you’re in like the makeup niche to do a tutorial on how to put on eyeliner, like I do not know how to put on makeup.

Speaker 1: (05:12)
So I would love somebody who would start doing live videos, teaching people how to, not just putting it on, cause I’ve seen people just putting it on. I don’t want to watch a video of you just putting on makeup and talking. I just don’t. But if you put up a video with a headline, like here’s three tips on how to put on making your eyes look amazing, putting on eyeliner and you show as a step by step on how to do it or how to put on eyeshadow, like how you put on different, um, cause I’m really not good. I’m not good with, with makeup. So that’s why I’m saying this because this is what I want to see. So many of you make up MLMs, please listen to in because I’m sure I’m not the only one how to put on um, eyeliner and shade it like Eye Shadow, I’m sorry, eye shadow and shade it.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
Like there are different colors we can use to out to highlight different parts of your eyes. And I’ve seen like infographics on Pinterest about it, but I’ve never seen a how-to video on it. So I think makeup people and like unique and all those other MLMs need to a certain need to start creating more videos. Like how to, how to put an island, how to put an eyeliner, how to put on their scare to make it look thicker. And your eyelashes look thicker and fuller. How to properly shade your eyes for eye shadow. Huge. Do a video. Walk somebody through it, explain it to them cause I would love to see something like that. So that’s what video videos are so amazing and people get to know, like, and trust you because you’re giving value. I’m in the health niche. Show somebody how to do a proper pushup on a video, like a tutorial video.

Speaker 1: (06:34)
How to, um, how to make a healthy salad, how-to, and you can speed the video up later if takes you a long time. You can fast forward it. But those are videos people are looking for and searching for answers and they’re valuable. So just some tips for you. Their events are huge too. Like if you are, I’m in the health and fitness niche and you want to be, I don’t know, you do it. You’re doing a detox and you want other people to follow along and join it with you. If you’re doing a detox program, I don’t know, seven day detox, uh, you can create event on Facebook and invite people to the event and then just for like a couple of days beforehand, start giving them information on what they’re going to learn, what it’s about, um, what products they need to purchase beforehand. Do a live in there and share the benefits of doing, um, that like the events are huge and they can invite more people if you make them public.

Speaker 1: (07:25)
So, um, great idea for events then and it brings people together. Live events are great too. If you want to do a workout every Sunday at a park, do an event and invite people like a meetup, a meet up to do a workout, great idea. Um, um, uh, meet up to get your makeup done so you can do their makeup for them to show them how to put it on. I’ll meet up for that. Like these events are great and they build a no like and trust factor like nobody’s business because personal meetings are great, but you can promote, you can promote the event, the live event on Facebook as an event. Um, it’s a great way to engage, a great way to get, to bring people together and to build a community. So, um, you can create a week-long challenge and event in there and shared a daily workout to get people committed and interested in your brand.

Speaker 1: (08:16)
Um, if you sell clothing, you could try setting up a one day sale where people, um, who respond yes to the event, receive a 10% discount or get a 10% voucher or get free shipping or whatever. Um, as, as a great, um, incentive to, to join the event. Um, the, so, so far, I want to go back and recap real quick. We’ve got photos, videos, and events as the first three. The fourth type of content is tips and facts. Um, if you’re trying, you’re trying to add value to your social media posts. Um, what are you providing other pages in your niche? What are they, what are they providing? Like your competitors, what are they providing? Like go there and look and see what they’re providing. Now, don’t copy and paste, but you could share the like, look at the ideas and the ones that get the most engagement.

Speaker 1: (09:05)
Those are the ones you are going to want to use too. So sharing regular tips and facts around your topic. It’s great because it promotes you as the authority. Um, and, and the way you share your information audience, it keeps your engagement on social media. So you’re gonna want to be sharing regular tips and facts, not every day, maybe every other day. Um, I’m not saying to post every day either because eventually you’re gonna be white noise. So make sure you’re sharing stuff that’s relevant, like a quick tip for the week. Cook tip of the week, a quick tip of the day, whatever you want to do and around your topic and your products and services. A great way to, um, share value and, and ask a question at the end of it. And you’re going to get engagement to like, do you do this? How do you do this tip? Like, do you use this, have you used this?

Speaker 1: (09:52)
What results have you seen because of it? Like something like that. And it’ll help you increase engagement there. And then the last one that I wanted to share with you for, um, social media posts is blog posts. And there are several ways you can do this. Like you can share like the first three sentences of your blog post and say, click. Um, and you never want to put links in on Facebook direct links in your posts, but you can say to read the entire article. Um, the link is in the comments or two to read the entire article. Uh, check out the comments cause maybe you don’t want to use the word link cause Facebook like really scans your posts to see if it’s spammy or salesy. So obviously I want to teach you guys not to do that. So you could say check out the comments for the entire post.

Speaker 1: (10:35)
Do you know what I mean? It’ll help you. Um, you can also just share, if you want to, you could just share the link. It’s not going to get as much reach, but you can share what the article is about and be like, oh, click here. And you get the little picture at the bottom with your link. So they can just click it as like a, like us. It shows as the image from your website. It just pulls it in there. So a, I would try a blog, if you’re, if you’re a blogger, try blogging once a week at a minimum. And, um, you can you put an engaging caption in there like ask a question or pull like the most eye-catching, um, sentence from your blog post, make that your headline and say to learn more, uh, read the blog post about it. And that helps increase SEO to your website because people are going to go and visit it that see it.

Speaker 1: (11:24)
But it’s also setting you out as an authority. You’re not just doing social media, you also have a blog with a bunch of information on it and once they get there you can keep them on the page longer by Cliquey, like in your blog posts. What I do at the end of mind is I’ll put like three articles that are related to it. The blog I talk to say I’m talking about social media today. Well, I’m going to ask the bottom, I’m going to put it, you like this article, check out these and I have three articles that are related to social media that they can check out further. So they want to learn more. They can click on the three links that keep them on your website longer and increases SEO because it shows the length of time on your website before as they leave.

Speaker 1: (12:02)
So giving them more value in there. You can also have a lead magnet in there regarding um, social media. Like I can put in there a five ways to sell your product on social media. Click here to get the free, um, download cheat sheet and people that come there about, so my posts, blog posts about social media can then download it and now I have their email to continue to send them value, a weekly newsletter and eventually get them into maybe a course about building their social media presence for their MLM. Just I’m not, I’m not doing that currently, but that’s someplace to go. So it’s all in the master plan on content marketing, but the social media presence, you just need to be consistent and post relevant valuable content to your niche. So photos, videos, events are huge. Um, tips and facts are great because it’s just a small chunk and people like that.

Speaker 1: (12:55)
It’s quick and easy to read and blog posts. Share them, share them out there and get people to show up on your website and see what else you have to offer. So those are my five tips for building a social media presence for your all MLMers or other online business. I’m Val Kuikman. I would love if you guys would head on over to iTunes, Stitcher, Google play, and leave a review on the podcast, uh, what you like and what you’d like to see more of, maybe would be awesome. I’d love to, I’d love to hear what you have to say. And if you’re in network marketing and you’re on this mission, your, you’re totally against spam marketing and you hate it, come on and join the Facebook community where we’re uniting against it. It’s called net is called marketing automation for network marketers. There’s going to be a link in the show notes for you to come to join but just search on Facebook for the Facebook group, marketing automation for network marketers, m-a-n-m. I love to see you guys in there and you, I’ll others tips. I’m going to be doing a live, and they’re on ways to increase engagement for your social media, for an MLM. So just a shout out there in case you want to join and get that valuable content. So everyone has a wonderful day. Go out there, don’t spam, and write great content on social media. Have a good one.

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