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Ep 006: 10X Your Audience With This Secret


In today’s episode, I give you one secret that will help you 10x your audience growth and sales if done properly.


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10X your audience with this secret

Show Notes:

[00:01:12] Welcome to the funnel creator’s secrets podcast. I’m your host Val Kuikman. And today we’re gonna be talking all about the secret to 10Xing your audience growth and sales. If you guys don’t know me I’m Val Kuikman I am a content manager as well as a coach and a full time working mom and all around amazing person. [00:01:40][27.7]

[00:01:47] So today’s topic is about 10xing your audience growth and sales. I really think it’s like the number one problem at least for me it was when I first started out like getting leads and sales. It’s like the importance of a business. I mean if you’re not getting leads and sales you don’t have a business right. Audience growth like content creation is huge. And I always struggled with the time management of this and when you get a process and strategy down to automate it’s amazing. But it’s a time thing. So outsourcing using your team and your resources to your best benefit and just creating the content on its own is amazing. But like the secret to 10x your audience growth and sales is to have a sales funnel that works and converts but is creating the content and the hooks to bring them in and the hoax is a headline. And it doesn’t have to. You don’t like you don’t have to exaggerate but use facts. What is your audience looking for? I used to just create content for the sake of creating content. [00:02:55][68.8]

[00:02:56] I would just go home and do a blog post. I will write about this. I’m going to make this challenge about this I’m going to I think other people need help with images and social media. So I’m going to make this and I was just like throwing things out there and like the atmosphere hoping somebody would buy it. Instead of asking what people need and like on my journey I should I can go back and be like okay when I first started out what did I not know. Like I use my experiences what did I not know as a new solopreneur building my you know my content management business and coaching others. What do people really need to know to get moving and what. What I realized is marketing is huge marketing sales is up is like two number one things you need. Because that increases your audience and your profit. And if you’re not making a profit you don’t have a business. And if you can’t market you really don’t have a business. So herein lies the problem. What do I. What do I do? Well you make a product or you just put like it you get a topic that you think that somebody and your target audience like for. For instance for me for marketing, if you have any solopreneur they’re doing everything by themselves like I did everything by myself and I was completely overwhelmed with how to manage my diet. So how can we get them a strategy that simplified? [00:04:20][84.6]

[00:04:22] And it’s a small process like it’s like I don’t know three things you have to do every day to get your business moving forward. And for me that’s huge. [00:04:33][11.3]

[00:04:33] So when I ask people what they need. And of course a solopreneur need they need a process and they need a system to follow. So, of course, I’d go out there and ask people that I knew that were solopreneur. What are you struggling with right now? They’re going to give you answers. [00:04:48][15.0]

[00:04:49] They’re going to tell you and you obviously you’re and I want a survey like how at least 20 people maybe 10 and 20 if you have a big audience. One hundred people’s like amazing to survey them and then basically find out like what’s the common thread. All those people are there answering like what’s the one common thing and then you make that and you in deliver that to them and you dive super deep on it. Even in like the health and wellness niche because I was in that for forever that’s part of who I am to find out what they struggle with a lot of times it’s preparing meals. So find a way to do a meal plan and give that away for free like you have to give them an offer to bring them into your final. So you have to give away something in for free. So you make an entire offer and you pull one thing out of it that’s like absolutely amazing and over delivers and you offer that for free and people are going to love it and you dive super deep you give all this value and you bring them in. And that’s how you’re going to be getting your sales like you need automation. You need a funnel you need an autoresponder and you need many pages and basically a web site. [00:06:01][71.5]

[00:06:01] You don’t really need a Web site. You just need a page to collect emails. So like a speech squeeze page, you need and you’d set it up with your offer. [00:06:11][9.5]

[00:06:12] Awesome. Awesome marketing and you speak to the result and the benefits and the resulting speech only. What it’s going to do for that not what you’re gonna do for them because nobody cares what you’re going to do for them. People only care about themselves in general. Like we all know we care about other people. But when it comes down to like getting results they care about their results, not your results. They don’t care about that. If they’re going to be buying anything from you that’s when results matter. The result you’re getting for other people but for a free offer, it’s the benefit of that offer. [00:06:43][30.6]

[00:06:43] What are they getting out of an offer in this. [00:06:47][4.1]

[00:06:47] Like it really clarifies things like for me it really made it simple like this is all I have to do is give an offer that people want over deliver serve to provide value and get them the result they want whatever they’re struggling if they want the result of that’s what they want. You deliver that. And that’s clarity and that’s a process and it like just step by step. So it’s easy because you feel like organized this is all I have to follow is this I just set on my offer I’m free to squeeze page and then I have to deliver the offer inside it and then you can move them along in your autoresponders or your Facebook group to a higher end offers you’re gonna have a value letter you move them up. Initially, you want to opt into a smaller offer like a seven-hour offer. You got to figure out what your seven dollar offer is going to be but you got to really deliver on it too. It’s not just gonna be some crappy thing that everyone else is delivering. You need to over-deliver on that seven dollar offer. Get them to result from the offer that you say that it’s going to be a man he can move them up to more important longer processes like of course, I did for your service. Whatever it whatever you’re in. So that’s like the opportunity. It’s huge when you can do that and you have to move completely through that with the emails and everything you have to do a full process a lot of people don’t do that and I know I didn’t either jump around and create half something and I move on to something else right away like your message. And like the way you deliver it for your opt-in might not work right away you’re going to have to tweak it. You’re going to have to see what works and what doesn’t work. You can split test things to see what the offer is and if it’s conversion once you get that down you can move on to something else. But you’ve got to perfect it first and perfect trick like if you’re gonna offer it as a high-end course makes sure that person is damn good before here. Moving on to something else it’s always about tweaking it but like focusing on one thing just one thing you’re going to offer people I’m going to offer people a complete process for their final. That’s all I’m going to offer. I’m not gonna offer to sell through email autoresponders. I’m a content manager I like helping people with podcasts on blogs and some other social media stuff. That’s all I’m offering I’m not offering to completely code their website for them. That’s not something I’m doing right now. I’m offering one thing that’s it. You know my course that I’m following I’m going to help people build an entire funnel all the way through. That’s all I’m offering. I’m not offering a fitness program on top of it. That has nothing to do with it. It’s one offer to one person and that’s it. [00:09:23][155.9]

[00:09:23] That’s how we do our funnels and it’s that’s the plan we do and what it’s done for me is it’s really honed in like I’m focusing on a certain niche too with people and what it does is streamline everything and it makes it so much simpler because all you’re doing is one thing to one person and you’re not out there talking to nobody because if you don’t have a niche and you’re speaking and you think you’re speaking everybody like I need some people have this and I did too for a long time. If I’m really being specific and I’m only working with solopreneur what about everybody else I’m missing out on all those people. No, you’re not you’re being specific and in that specific person is going to find you if you’re speaking to everybody nobody’s going to relate to you at all. That was huge for me because I used to jump around all the time and try to change things up thinking that’s gonna make a difference when I should just stick to one thing and stay the course and persevere. You can always change later but pick something and stick to it because when you’re jumping all over the place you’re confusing people and confused by people don’t buy they just don’t. So that like literally you can run ad cities and like Facebook YouTube has ads Pinterest everybody’s got ads these days and linked in when you can perfect your offer and perfect the ad offer the copy in there and it takes a little bit. [00:10:39][75.9]

[00:10:40] It’s not like the first one’s going to be out of the park hit really ever happens. Everybody tweaks or offers. Nine million times. If they tell you I shouldn’t say 9 million I’m really exaggerating but they tweak it a couple of times and then they test it and see if it works it’s like implement something test it implements something tested and if it works. Keep repeating it but if it doesn’t work you’re gonna have to keep testing it and it is part of the process. You’re doing nothing wrong and don’t give up because a lot of times I thought that after it didn’t work the one time like my Facebook game was a flop on a course off forget it. Nobody wants this. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want it you have an amazing and amazing offer like you amazing course amazing whatever program that you have. [00:11:20][39.7]

[00:11:20] If the copy isn’t resonating with who you’re speaking to. So you need to go back and tweak that and that is part of the process. So stick with it. That was me I was I always quit too soon I knew this and I don’t want you guys to fall into that same pinball machine where you’re jumping around and despondent all over the place thinking you’re gonna eventually hit it. You probably will. You have to stick with something and perfected first. And once you do that like on the other side you can 10x your audience and you and your sales no matter what you stick to something perfect the message and perfect the offer that is huge. Ever. You’re going to I’m sure all you have amazing things you want and put out into the world. But it’s the marketing aspect that that’s the key. That’s where you’re gonna get your 10 times growth in your sales. And that’s the secret is always perfecting the offer and the way you speak and who you speak to and the desires of your target customer. So that’s my tips to taxing your sales and growth. I hope you enjoyed this podcast is actually out today. I have five episodes now so make sure you’re describing on YouTube. Please leave a review I would love if you would do that. I’ve got a little surprise for you guys if you leave one. So leave a review on iTunes Google Play stitcher it’s like all over the place. So please hop on leaving a review. Liberating. And subscribe and be sure to share because. It’s going to be offering some amazing things and if you want to collaborate and we’ll do guest host you on here I’d love to have that just to find my Facebook page Val Kuikman and message me and we’ll set something up so everybody is a wonderful wonderful day. And please take this advice seriously about building a funnel and I have the content creation nation. A Facebook group coming on and join me and we’ll do some extra training in there to help you out. So have a wonderful day. [00:13:20][120.0]


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