insights into finding your marketing niche

Ep. 020: Insights Into Finding Your Marketing Niche

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[00:01:02] Welcome. [00:01:02][0.0]

[00:01:07] It’s a new week and this is Episode 20 of funnel creator secrets podcast. I’ve done 20. This is amazing. Today we’re going to talk about insights into finding your marketing niche. This is very dear to my heart. This is more of an off the cuff podcast episode where I’m just gonna spitball my thoughts as I am going through this whole process. [00:01:34][27.4]

[00:01:35] Obviously the podcast area is new to me and I’m kind of just kind of talk about how I came up with the topic and how I’m moving forward and some of the challenges I’m patiently and I’m really hoping that it’s going to be insightful for entrepreneurs and people that are trying to build their own businesses doing it on their own or getting help whatever it is. [00:01:58][22.9]

[00:02:03] When I first started a decade ago I was in my network marketing. When I got started it wasn’t something I was looking to do. I actually started out as a fitness coach for Beachbody. Honestly, I started as a customer. I just wanted to lose weight after having my son and I lost 30 over thirty-five pounds. I actually bought the workout program on an infomercial which is amazing because that’s marketing right. Who would have known? [00:02:44][41.0]

[00:02:44] But Beachbody did a very good job of marketing their programs on infomercials. Back in 2009, I was the way to go for marketing. So I bought it and once I brought it home I started reading the material inside about the workout program and I found out that you can get a coach for free because you buy the program like this is pretty amazing stuff right. So I went online and I talked to a couple of coaches on the website and I found my coach. I thought I was pretty amazing he’s going to give me on this help with my well with eating because I didn’t really have a clue at the time. [00:03:24][40.2]

[00:03:25] I was you know I was in my I think I was twenty-nine so it wasn’t something eating I normally sort of healthy but I had to lose weight so I really needed to you know batten down the hatches so to speak and I found the coach and he helped with all that and he put me in this Facebook group. [00:03:45][20.0]

[00:03:49] I got on Facebook and right around the same time so I think it was the marketing really wasn’t business Markie was like Addison inception at that point on Facebook it was just getting popular because all my friends were signing up for it at the time too so I got into this Facebook group and had all these people going through the program with me and my coach supporting me and it was pretty amazing. At the end of the workout after I was finished because I checked in every day and I posted when I did my workouts for accountability in there and my coach at the time was like oh you should totally do this you could help a lot of people am I guess I could. This is a pretty good idea why not. Well, there are. Therein lies me joining. So I join and little did I know what I was getting myself into who was network marketing. I had no idea what it even was what entrepreneurship was none of that. [00:04:37][48.1]

[00:04:38] So that’s where I started my journey and then I like really became like a student of marketing in general because when I first started I was basically just posting the companies image for the workout programs and saying by now with my link under it. I mean I had no idea what I was doing so I became a student of marketing and I’ve taken thousands of dollars worth of courses at personal development to was huge. Which if anyone wants to really grow themselves and as a person become an entrepreneur it is insanely insane growth for that. [00:05:22][44.3]

[00:05:29] I started learning all about automation I really really started to geek out when it came to marketing and specifically online marketing and like content creation was huge for me. But I think at some point I really wanted more and I wanted to like teach the people that were creating the programs and products I wanted to teach them how to do it. So that was like my ultimate goal is to be the leader so to speak of showing people how they can do this themselves because network marketing it’s amazing opportunity I’ve got to go on trips there and I went in the first time I ever went out of the country was because of beach body a beach party cruise had. So the opportunity to do all the things I wasn’t my son was too. So it’s pretty cool we all got to be out of the country at one time see Cozumel and the Cayman Islands which was amazing but like that opportunity wouldn’t have been available to me had I not been in network marketing. I don’t think I ever would have done it. So it’s quite my first cruise because I was on a cruise too. [00:06:29][60.4]

[00:06:30] So all that was amazing to me those opportunities that opened up because of that and that I also joined another network marketing company that supplement that would be a great complement to fitness and health would be holistic supplements because we all want to be able to be healthier and have better things in our bodies. And the holistic is better than like medication to solve your anxiety and that can gut health. That kind of thing that was basically what I wanted to do was an extension of what I was already doing and a bigger toolbox to share with health and fitness people. [00:07:07][37.0]

[00:07:08] At that point I really became involved in personal growth and took a bunch of like coaching sessions on mindset and self hypnosis like and I really figured out who the heck I was at that point and I knew what I wanted to do was to help other people grow their businesses instead of or not you know not getting stuck in the stories that they can’t. And there’s a lot of stories we have entrepreneurship and a network marketing about not being able to grow all our businesses. For whatever excuses we put up because essentially they’re excuses. I think sometimes we just run out of strategies to grow. And one of the biggest thing I see in network marketing is the lines of the blinds aren’t. [00:07:53][45.4]

[00:07:55] Sharing how to market appropriately for themselves. It’s either your you can’t just be the company you’re not because they can just google it go right there buy their stuff and they don’t need you essentially. And that’s the biggest missing I see for uplines is they’re not teaching their down lines how to market and to market online and build like a sales machine basically. That’s the biggest missing I see. I think this is why we see so many people on and I know you have these people in your newsfeeds and Facebook just you just posting a link and a sale by here I mean with a map with an image of the company’s products we do not need you anymore. Thank you. There’s a sale. I will go to Google to company’s site buy it and you’re out of the picture. And that’s where I see a huge missing and teach people how to be marketers because even if you never that network marketing, if you don’t know how to market and build a sales, funnel to get and grow your lists because your list is your ultimate achievement like that’s your own that nobody can take that away from you. [00:09:04][69.1]

[00:09:04] Facebook went down tomorrow you’d still have your email list. So this is why it’s essential and people can see. Email is not dead. It’s not true. That’s your ultimate list that you own it. No one can take it from you. So this is ultimately what we want to teach people how to get away from the company site get off the company site and network marketing and build the sales process. That’s their own personal brand or their own personal business name instead of using the company because the companies when making money when they’re going to the company site, not the rep. So it’s a huge missing. So I wanted to add a lot of them don’t know what they’re doing and they don’t know where to get customers and they’re like I’ll just run you know just post on Facebook and get your friends and family. That’s like a huge thing that network marketers have. [00:09:49][44.4]

[00:09:50] I’ve learned all about this because I did it for 10 years I know what people are struggling with and I went and learned it myself I even quoted my own Web site to get away from the company’s site. And there’s always this issue with you’re actually talking to a lead and you’re giving all this information and unless you’re specifically sitting next to it when they sign up they can just go to the company’s site and sign up still and sadly using your link. So it’s better to keep even if you communicate to use this link. People forget they’re doing things quickly and they just want to get in and get out or they’re like they’re there is the hyper buyer. So you want to do it more quickly so they don’t listen to all directions. Just want to go get it and I’ll go to the company site. [00:10:29][39.0]

[00:10:29] So there are ways to do this where you can stay away from the company site if you guys have a network marketing company that allows you to like have your own Web site with your own product links and stuff instead of linking making them go to the company site to order. That’s amazing. You have a good company but a lot of them don’t. And then there are these rules about. Stealing another poaching. Poaching is huge. Where poaching other customers to switch to them so they can get their reoccurring income. Or even poaching their reps that are business builders. And it happens a lot. And that leaves a really bad taste in their mouth. So it’s like I want to show people how to ethically not do this. This is it’s an ethical thing we don’t do this. It’s not. It’s not about making money it’s about offering value and solutions and results. That’s what it is and I want to. I want to offer a new way for network marketers to market so they can get their stuff out ethically and build their brand as their own personal brand and their own like Web site away from the company and they can do that. And they have to be telling people that they’re with this company. They just do it on their own for themselves and that’s what network marketers should be doing. So like that is huge. That’s where I’ve evolved to this point. [00:11:44][75.2]

[00:11:45] I started with funnel creator secrets because I love marketing but I know that my expertise would be in helping network marketers because I did it for so long in network marketing that there’s just so many areas that we can be better in as network marketers. So that’s kind of where I’m going with this now. So like my aunt and as I’ve been doing this podcast I’ve come. With the action I’ve taken I’ve come to this realization that this is like I’m missing in the industry. So I’m telling you guys if you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t know your niche just start creating actually and creating content and the clarity will come. It really well like this is 20 episodes and I’m already figuring out what I’m doing and what I wanted to do and who I want to help because I have a ton of expert advice that I can provide over a decade and I can be giving back to what started me and my career and my growth and everything it would be going back to where I started to help those people that helped me. [00:12:44][59.5]

[00:12:45] So that’s essentially it’s so like look at what the where you’ve been involved and what you know the most about or what experiences you have that you can expound on and offer value to like if you were a teacher for you know 10 15 years. I’m sure you have a lot you can share with other teachers know like lessons plans and stuff like that and you can offer for sale like well there’s your business you know what you’re even of course online course to help other teachers create lesson plans. It’s just amazing the opportunities to do anything you want. It’s just it stands for itself. And then you’ve got to automate this because you can’t be sitting behind this computer all day long if you want to be marketing online. So creating up a sales funnel your lead Megan’s getting a man to your email messenger and marketing to him after the fact. [00:13:38][53.5]

[00:13:40] Starting I’m out somewhere and then moving up the value ladder starting off somewhere as a free product and creating a lead Magnus. Isn’t it as easy as you think either because you really need to do some market research you can’t just create something off the top of your head that you think people want because that doesn’t work? And I know that from experience to not create content or create free things just for the sake of doing it get researcher market. It’ll be huge research. Heck, the competitors hack your competitors and find out what their free offer is. And the popularity of it because if it’s something that’s really highly regarded and then people are loving and eating it out that’s definitely an area you want to focus on because there’s a missing there. So I hope you guys enjoy this is like insights into finding your niche in knitting down is like go back and share look at your experiences and where you have the most experience and can offer to help somebody to move forward from where you are. That’s the best way to find your niche. [00:14:38][58.7]

[00:14:39] There are three main ones to health wealth and relationships and you just can like those are the big one where we start it health wealth relationships and then you can narrow it down from there and you want to be like you don’t want to be in the big niches you want to be in a sub-niche. The Riches aren’t in the niches so you have the big ones the big core desires health wealth relationships and then you could be more specific on who you want to help. Like I’ve gotten distant for so I started wanting to help solopreneur which I still do because even network marketers are they have teams under them but someone at the top is making all these decisions and creating all this great stuff to share with their team. But I really thought about it and my marketing advice would be so much more beneficial to network marketing. So I see the missing there. So where do you see the missing is where you can pop in and offer a new way. That’s the best way to do insight into finding your niche. Thanks, guys. I hope you enjoyed this episode. If you want to if you’re on the podcast and you like live streams I actually do live streams of my podcast episodes at Facebook dot com slash Val Kuikman. Q Okay I’m a fan and you can watch live Livestream every morning when I go live or I’m on stitcher Google Play. I Tunes I’m all over the place on the podcast so just find out what works for you to listen make sure you subscribe and please leave a review. [00:14:39][0.0]

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