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Fear Of Failure Beating Tricks All Solopreneurs Need To Know 

There I was, a new mom looking to build an online business trying to work full time in law enforcement and build an online business

The thing is, at the time I was making money and finding people who wanted to buy my product and services.

The big problem was that I was actually not making any profit in my business. That meant I was actually paying to have a business instead of making a profit, which took money out of my son’s mouth.

Then, as if by chance, something amazing happened…

needed to share my business with others on social media about going live on Facebook and sharing what I do to help others build a profitable online business!

Instantly it became crystal clear to me how to overcome the fear of judgment and failure because I saw that I had to use my police experience on overcoming fear of and use it in my online business.

My plan was to start going live on Facebook and sharing what I do to help solopreneurs.

So I started going live and sharing what I knew about health and personal development. But we didn’t stop there.

We then created and starting selling programs and supplements for holistic health.

After that, we created a content marketing plan and sales funnel to grow my list and increase my sales.

Building on that success, we decided to create a platform to teach new soloprenuers and MLM business owners how to increase their leads and sales.

We call it “Funnel Creators Secrets”. 

With Funnel Creators Secrets I can now help more people build a profitable sales funnel and start making sales faster than others!

And that’s why I’m so excited to share this with you so you can get these types of results too! 

Fear of failure beating tricks all solopreneurs need to know


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Show Notes:

[00:01:23] Hey everybody. Today is Episode 9 of funnel creator secrets podcast and today we’re going to be talking all about the fear of failure in beating tricks all solopreneurs need to know. So what are these tricks? Have you ever really wondered why you start something and all of a sudden you’re like oh you get this thing like stopping you and your brains “0h don’t do that”, and gives you all these reasons like “I’m not good enough”. You look at somebody else and think “they are more successful than me”. “There are so many people doing what I’m doing right”. “The market saturated and I don’t know I can’t stand out”. Well, these are all excuses and your brain is tricking you into thinking these things soo you don’t get out of your comfort zone. But here’s a story about me in overcoming fear. [00:02:13][49.9]

[00:02:14] When I was a new mom I just started out as an entrepreneur and I was going back to work full time and a police officer and I wanted to build an online business. I started in fitness to lose weight. So I thought I would be a natural thing to show new moms how to lose weight. [00:02:30][16.1]

[00:02:32] Well the thing is at the time I had no idea about MLM, marketing, sales, nothing. So I had to teach myself all that. And I just engulfed myself into learning it and digesting it. That is when I came up with a problem. That I was spending all this money on the workouts, supplements, and all that stuff. And then I started to get a website and I wanted to build a funnel so I started bought a CRM and I was paying money monthly for all this stuff. What was happening as I wasn’t getting the leads and sales that I wanted to get? So basically I wasn’t making a profit in my business. And I wanted to create a program on my own and branch out from the MLM and in the situation, I was in at the time, I can’t even do that. I can’t get to the leads and sales in my MLM business right now with help from the MLM company in the business. How can I possibly do this on my own? I looked at other people that were successful and I compare myself and basically what was holding me back was my brain. I was fearful because I had never done this before. So I came up with all these excuses as to why I couldn’t do it. I didn’t know enough. I wasn’t an expert. I don’t know enough about sales and marketing. But the honest truth was that I learned was that I’m just gonna start taking action because action is what overcomes fear. [00:03:58][86.1]

[00:03:58] Because when you’re doing something new your brain just automatically thinks Oh my God…. Fight or flight right. That’s a natural response. So it stops you because it’s something new and they’re not sure if you’re going to be safe. So it’s you’ve got to learn to overcome that. And I started realizing that I do this all the time as a police officer I overcome fear. I walk in I’m walking and running into things that people are normally running away from. And I don’t even think about this. So it really made me think about like wow I can I have so many tools that I can help people with and overcoming the fear of judgment failure like my other fear that got me to a standstill a lot. And when I was first starting out was the fear of what my co-workers at work would think like I mean I think I’m a sleazy salesman and they think that I’m not really dedicated to my job my full-time job. Are they going to think that I’m just a weirdo? I mean like it doesn’t really matter what people think about you it’s what you think about yourself right. [00:04:59][61.0]

[00:05:00] But all these fears were in my head and it stopped me from growing because I wasn’t I well I didn’t know what the outcome would be like at work I am so well trained I have great training and I know what I’m doing and I’ve been doing it for 17 years so it’s and I know I’m there to serve. So I focused on that. And that overcomes the fear and sometimes I’m just I’m still fearful. We all are. But I still do it anyway because I’d say you signed up for it and I took an oath. So that’s kind of we use the same thing in our online businesses. We have to overcome the fear we have to know what we’re doing is serving a higher purpose than the fear itself. [00:05:37][37.7]

[00:05:39] I decided that I was gonna go make a funnel and learn all about sales and marketing and then just go and teach because literally the thing is when you’re teaching when you want to teach somebody if you want to do an online course online program you just need to be one or two steps ahead of people you’re teaching. So I’ve been doing this for a decade so I can help a new person no problem get started because I’ve been doing this for 10 years so like all my fault. This is a no brainer. So I can teach people how to overcome this fear because I do it all the time and I in my work and I’m doing it currently like this podcast was a fear thing I overcame that right. I’m doing this right now. So it’s the plan. The plan is to overcome the fear that the thoughts feel inadequacy it’s all the mindset. [00:06:23][43.9]

[00:06:24] And like when I got into m alarms and in like a decade ago when I started doing this that I had no idea how much I would grow personally. Like it wasn’t that wasn’t my goal but that like my goal was to earn an extra income and help people. And like it turned into this personal growth. Like yeah. So it’s like on the other end of all this you’re grown personally. And that’s huge and it’s like I don’t know the number one takeaway I can give you is like oh well look at how much I’m growing. I’m overcoming all these other fears that I’m like in my head are just completely crazy because I run into danger every day at work. So how can I not just watch a program talk about it do a webinar build a sales funnel give people an optimum. Why is it so scary to sell. Because like I had these stories in my head I was selling tickets and ammo lines are spammy and more when you do it the correct way it doesn’t have to be. And that’s huge. So you learn how to have sales and marketing techniques in the funnel built. [00:07:22][58.0]

[00:07:24] And then you grow from that and you learn and you overcome that fear and you move forward. And what are you? And there’s also a thing is failing you’re either building a business or you’re learning a lesson and then you know there is no such thing as failure. And that’s the thing is because people are fearful of their own judgment. [00:07:41][16.7]

[00:07:42] So I started to build these sales funnel and all these marketing things I’ve learned and using my work understanding like I market table work all the time and try to get them to trust me and mind you I’m not lying to them. So you know to trust me enough to help so I can help them. Or trust me enough so they can tell me what they did wrong so I can do whatever I have to do in my job. They have to rest me that’s what I have to do with my job. But I can apply that on my marketing and building a sales funnel because I want them to trust me enough to know that I’m going to serve them and get them where they need to be. They need me if you need more leads and sales then I’m going to show you how to build more leads and sales and how to do that with the sales funnel and content marketing sales and things. So I build that plan out. Nice. I made a content plan. I follow it. I’ve been using and I’ve been growing up and I’m doing the podcast. I do this live video. I have an email I have a sales funnel like I am growing. And yeah there’s this that fear comes up in. The thoughts of inadequacy come up everyone’s smile but I know that it’s just my brain telling me that I’m doing something new and I need to do it. So been sort of like pulling away from that I’m leaning into it so to speak. And it’s huge. So I just started I know I like at this point all I am taking all these personal development courses too I immerse myself in that and I overcame these fears and hidden and got the techniques to relax and talk through the fear and visualize self-hypnosis was huge for me. And overcoming these stories I have about a sales funnel and making money like I had huge money stories. And that’s all this did. [00:09:21][99.5]

[00:09:21] And I’m like I need to help other solopreneur that do this on their own because it seems very time consuming as it doesn’t have to be. So I create all these plans to like strategize and build my business why I still work full time and I want to share that and give this opportunity to so many people so they can do the same thing because if you can you don’t have to be in this whole time to be successful. And that’s why I created small trades creator secrets. Of course, we’ll be launching soon to show you how to ticket a cattle marketing plan that’s going to work for you. And the funnel-like people who build the funnel altogether. I mean it’s great. I have I can do it for you. I mean that’s just what we do. Like that’s what I want to do I want to give you the ISIS solutions so you can empower this funnel and it works for you. One complete follow that works for you straight through. And then one thing you’re selling and focus on that. It’s all about focus. Patients and overcoming that fear of failure in judgment. And this was huge for me when I realized that my head I have to share with other people. So that’s basically it today like you guys have to work on your personal growth and just move forward in spite of fear. And if you guys have any like certain things you feel fearful of what you want to discuss hop with me on a live stream I do this on my Facebook page as well as the podcasts or leave a review and leave a question you can always join the content creation nation Facebook her up to and ask some questions in there because it’s a very supportive community where we’re all building our online businesses as a solopreneur. I’d love to support you in that. So everybody has a wonderful day. [00:11:00][98.5]

[00:11:00] Overcome that fear today do something that scares you. Don’t be dangerous but do something that scares you today and moves your business forward. Have a great day. You’ve been listening to the final creator secrets podcast with Val Kuikman. [00:11:00][0.0]

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