How to Eliminate Distractions and Get Things Done In Your Business

How to Eliminate Distractions and Get Things Done In Your Business

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 053: How to Eliminate Distractions and Get Things Done In Your Business

The ability to focus is a key determinant in life success. Many people are unable to focus on what needs to get done and avoid what needs to be left for another day. Here are some tips so that you can eliminate distractions and get things done sooner rather than later. 

Getting Things Done

To get things done during the working day, you need to focus. The best way to do this is to identify the top 3 things that need to be completed during the day and set aside a time to do them.

The best time is first thing in the morning.

But to get things done, you need the right environment. This means a comfortable office space (or whatever space you happen to work in).

Dedicate this time 100% to getting the 3 items on your list completed each morning. After this, you can relax a little and let the day flow. Another important point is that you need to have a set routine and a set time each day for work. This will help you to get into a good rhythm. 

I highly suggest using project management software like Air Table or Asana to help you stay focused on your 3 items.

How to Eliminate Distractions and Get Things Do In Your Business

Eliminating Distractions

Distractions come in many different formats. One of the most obvious of all of these is social media. It might be a good idea to completely delete Facebook and other programs if possible. Failing this, limit the time spent on them to certain hours, preferably after work.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”I highly recommend downloading The Facebook Eradicator. It is a Google Chrom plugin that will block Facebook for a specific period of time.” quote=”I highly recommend downloading The Facebook Eradicator. It is a Google Chrom plugin that will block Facebook for a specific period of time.” theme=”style4″]

You might want to switch off your phone while working and have certain calming music that puts you in a good mindset. Distractions can also come in the form of other people, so you may also have to turn off Skype and ignore emails from time to time. You need to prioritize. Otherwise, everybody is going to eat into your precious time. Don’t be afraid to tell people that you have things to do and can’t get to their query right now. 

Optimizing Efficiency

If you want to get things done, then you must get very good at saying no to people, as much as possible. You only want to give your attention to the really important tasks that need your attention. There is nothing worse than splitting your attention in several different ways.

For example, if you are a freelancer and work with multiple clients, it is far better to consolidate with one, even if the pay is not as good. This is because when trying to complete multiple tasks, it is a serious brain drain. Your energy will be scattered across multiple projects and you will find it harder to complete them one by one. 

This article from the American Psychological Association called Multitasking: Switching Costs is a great article that explains why switching between tasks is draining energy and performance.


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Show Notes:

Val Kuikman: (00:02)
Hello everybody, Val Kuikman here. I am a digital marketer, content creator, and I help network marketers and affiliate marketers generate more leads in their business. And today I want to share how to eliminate distractions and get things done in your business. It’s part of episode 53 of Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast, and I’m really, really, really happy to share it with you. Stay tuned.

Val Kuikman: (00:31)
So that was my intro. What’d you think? Let me know in the comments, guys because that was the first time I’ve ever tried something like that and it worked out quite well, and I was pretty excited. So eliminating distractions. I work full time. I also run my own business helping network marketers and affiliate marketers generate more leads and sales in their business, and to do it ethically without spam because my mission is to eliminate spam in marketing, altogether in network marketing and affiliate marketing. I’m tired of watching people spam. It doesn’t get you anywhere in growing your business. So this is one of the ways we do it, are we eliminate distractions and we learn how to market and sell our products. And working full time, I work five days a week, Monday through Friday, eight hours a day. I also have a son that’s nine and he needs help with homework. I have a husband. I can’t ignore him. I have other family.

Val Kuikman: (01:40)
So how do I get it all done, right? I just want to share my story on how I do it. And Sunday, which is technically today if you’re watching this on the replay, but I went live on Sunday about it, but that’s my day to create videos and podcasts and all these other things. So I wanted to start today. This is the first one of three I’m doing. I have a sales page video that I’m also doing today, and I’m probably going to record another podcast or Livestream too, do another tutorial video to show people how to set up a funnel. So those are the three things I’m doing today, which is three days of content, probably even longer because then you put it out to your list, which I do, and put it into an email sequence for follow up, later on, to give value to people that are looking to grow their business.

Val Kuikman: (02:34)
So three videos, it’ll probably take me maybe 45 minutes, and then I have to edit it and stuff, which I don’t do a lot of editing, to be honest with you. Pretty much all my stuff is raw because I just figure I’m horrible at video editing. I do have a video editor, but my sales videos will be edited. But this Livestream stuff is raw, and I like it to be raw because I like you guys to see we’re all human beings and I don’t think editing is going to make it any better. It just shows you guys where I’m at and where you can be, and just imperfect action is better than none, honest opinion. But so my day is getting through videos done today, which will go into a blog and into my podcast, and my live streams will go to YouTube, so I do all this.

Val Kuikman: (03:23)
After I’m done with this particular podcast today, I’m going to transcribe it, throw it in the show notes. I also have a blog that I wrote. Some of those topics I’m going to write about so people can come back and read it if they don’t want to listen. I put my podcast up, I throw the link, it automatically puts my podcast into my blog, which is awesome. It does it automatically, and then I have, I upload it to YouTube and I just put an end screen and some cards in there to redirect them to another video that’s similar to this so they can learn more. That’s kind of what I do with everyone. Sometimes I throw it up on Medium with a link back to my blog for the rest of the information, so I’m content repurposing at the same time I’m creating content, which I totally suggest you guys do, because it makes your content go everywhere right away and gets it out there to more people on whatever platform your people are on.

Val Kuikman: (04:21)
So if your people are reading blogs and listening to podcasts and watching YouTube videos, you can meet them everywhere. So you are essentially everywhere without having to be in each place at once. So repurposing content is huge. I am like, I geek out over it, finding new ways to get all over the place. If your video is under 10 minutes, you can even throw it on IGTV, as well. But let’s get back. See, I’m being distracted and I’m not getting things done in my business by speaking about other things at work supposedly mentioned on this podcast, but that’s okay. It’s real and raw. It’s my story. It’s how I get things done.

Val Kuikman: (04:56)
So let’s talk about eliminating distractions, like literally how to get things done. And let’s just start with getting things done, first of all. Pick three things you need to get done every day. We can’t be superhuman, but we need to be on focused action, what is going to generate sales and leads for you right now. What are three things you can do today to do that? Mine’s just creating these three sales videos that I wanted to do. I’m done for the day if I choose to be. But the best time to do this is first thing in the morning like it’s 7:30 in the morning here on a Sunday where I live. My husband and son are sleeping, so I’m taking no time away from my family as I do this, and it’s the perfect opportunity.

Val Kuikman: (05:39)
So find a time where you can do this alone in a comfortable space like this is just an extra room in our house where our lizard lives. He’s right behind us, and that’s how I do my podcasts. I’ve got my mic here, I have a cardboard black box I put my Mac computer on top of, so it’s at eye length to me when I’m speaking to you guys, and I just hit record and I go for it. I use Ecamm Live, and there’s a recording option on it so you can just record and not go live, or I stream out right now like I’m live streaming, I stream out to a bunch of different platforms on Facebook, LinkedIn, and pretty awesome YouTube. So I can be everywhere at once without having to actually go and do separate videos everywhere. So great way to get things done and maximize your reach, which is essentially what we want to do because you feel like you need to be on all these platforms. You need to focus on one, but it’s nice to be somewhere so people can find you on other ones if that’s where they choose to be at.

Val Kuikman: (06:42)
But dedicate 100% of your time to getting those three items done in your business every day, each morning. Do it in the morning, get it done, and then you have the rest of the day to do whatever you want, and that’s freedom. If you work full time, I get up earlier, do this stuff before my son gets up for school, it’s done for the rest of the day, and I go to work and carry on with the rest of my day. If I want to come home and do more after work, I can do that if I don’t have something going on. But I’m off Saturdays and Sundays. I chose Sunday morning to do my video recording.

Val Kuikman: (07:11)
So if you need help with writing your things down and then sticking to them, you can try using project management software. Asana and Airtable are both free, and you can just write down the three things that you have to do every week, and you can even set it up to do it reoccurring where each time, each week, it’s something like maybe it’s the same thing about creating a video. So set it up to reoccur every Sunday to come up for you in the morning. So you just hit Asana every day or Airtable and it’ll show you what your tasks are. Great way to stay organized and a great reminder. You can even set up reminders in your phone for it to go off and show you, hey, it’s time to do a video. Great way. You just need to have the accountability and make it small doable actions.

Val Kuikman: (07:57)
Even if it’s going to stretch you to be doing live videos, do it anyway, right? Eliminating distractions, they come in different formats, right? I have on my blog, I have this picture of this woman and she’s holding a baby. The cat’s meowing at her to be fed. A dog is trying to pull away from her that’s wrapped around her leg. She’s ironing, the phone is ringing, and the alarm’s going off and she’s on the phone. Does it sound a lot like you guys? I bet it does because a lot is going on every day and it’s really, like 80% of your day can be overrun by distractions. So we need to eliminate them. We do.

Val Kuikman: (08:34)
And the most obvious is social media. Let’s be honest, if you’re doing online work, you get stuck, go scrolling through the news feed on Facebook or in groups that you are in. If you’re not necessarily posting value in there, stay out, because you’re just comparing yourself to other influencers. Don’t do that. I highly recommend getting the Facebook Eradicator. It’s like a Google Chrome extension, totally free, and it basically will shut down Facebook even if you pull it up. So it’s a great way to stay off social media, get your work done, and I mean, you can undo it when you are done, turn it off and then go back to doing whatever social media you were doing. But it’s a great way to eliminate distractions, stay off social media, and not get into the time suck. If you are supposed to be doing something, one of your three things, right, turn off your phone too, put it on do not disturb or airplane mode and set it up where only emergency people can contact you. Like, I don’t know, your son’s school, your husband, your mother or father. Otherwise, you’re going to be stuck looking at the notifications that come up on your phone.

Val Kuikman: (09:46)
I turned off Facebook notifications and Facebook messenger notifications. They don’t even pop up on my screen. I don’t get a notice, an audible notification. I get nothing, so I can just check it whenever I want. So you’re not distracted about your screen lighting up and you have to go there and think you have to immediately check it. That puts Facebook and other social media at you, they’re controlling you instead of you controlling it. So shut off your notifications, too. Huge, huge, huge thing, optimizing efficiency. Do you want to get things done, you get very good at saying no to people as much as you can. You need to get your stuff done, so you need to learn to be okay with saying no. Like if you’re a freelancer and you have multiple clients, it is far better to consolidate with one, even if the pay is not as good because if you’re trying to complete multiple tasks, it’s a serious brain drain. Everyone knows how tired you get when you’re trying to multitask. It seriously drains your energy.

Val Kuikman: (10:43)
And there’s this amazing article in the American Psychological Association, the APA, called Brain Switching Goals and it shows how this is so draining on your brain. So if you’re feeling exhausted all the time, think of how many things you were doing in a day and how much energy it takes to switch from one task to another. It’s why it’s so important just to focus on one thing at a time, because it will conserve your energy and you’ll do better work because you’re concentrated on one thing, too. So those are my three things on eliminating distractions. If you want to come back to the blog where you can, I have other resources in here to help you with time management and just getting things done and eliminating distractions. Do things in a quiet room, set a goal for three business things a day. Eliminate all your distractions, get that Facebook Eradicator, and shut off all your notifications from social media on your phone.

Val Kuikman: (11:41)
And then just be efficient. Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t try to do 19 things at a time because it’ll drain your energy. We want to be healthy and our best. Try to just focus one thing at a time and stick with it. So those are my three things for how to eliminate distractions and get things done in your business. So I would love for you guys to come back to Apple Podcast, right, and subscribe to the Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast. And also I have these videos that’ll be going up on YouTube from time to time. So if you’d rather watch on video, come subscribe to my YouTube channel. It’s Val Kuikman, K-U-I-K-M-A-N. Love to have you there. I hope you guys have a wonderful week. Let’s get things done today. Remove the distractions and do your three things. It matters, and it’ll move you forward. Take care, everybody.

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