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How to Create Content that Elicits Emotion 

The best online content is that which elicits emotion. It causes readers to feel something. Not only does this create a powerful bond between a content brand and its fan base, but it also leads to viral sharing, which is the dream of all content marketers.  

Keep It Positive 

Common knowledge tells us that positive content gets more shares. It makes sense if you think about it: The most shared content is that which is humorous or awe-inspiring. Content that gives us hope, such as a powerful image, is more likely to be shared than something pessimistic or negative. Amusement, joy, a sense of belonging, surprise, affection, and excitement are all very engaging emotions. 

The Case for Negativity 

However, there is a case to be made for negative emotions as well. Although negativity doesn’t go over as well as positivity does, sometimes a very sad or frightening piece of content will go viral. This is because it triggers powerful emotions of empathy or concern. 

Righteous Anger 

Some studies have shown that anger is a good emotion for content. Of course, you shouldn’t make your audience angry at you. Rather, it can be very powerful to share content that causes some controversy and gets a discussion going. You might encourage people to rally behind a cause or engage in a debate about an important topic. 

What’s that all about? 

Finally, curiosity is a great emotion to target. When there is content that makes people say, “What’s that all about?” it’s sure to get some sharing. This is also true of titles for written content that pique curiosity. 

Which emotions to target and how to go about targeting them all depends on your target market. The better you know their feelings and opinions, the easier it is to give them content that will stir their emotions. 

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 Show Notes:

[00:01:14] Hey Hey How you doing man. Welcome to the funnel creator secrets podcast. And today is an episode all about emotion. And we’re gonna talk about how to create content that elicits emotion probably wondering why do we want to do this right now. Well. The key is if you can get someone to feel a certain way that establishes a bond and trust obviously your parents get you to feel ashamed of something. They’re listening in the motion of guilt or shame for something you did wrong doesn’t make you think about it more and sticks in your head. It’s a lesson learned right. This is exactly what we want to be doing with content and that this isn’t about making people feel guilty on all of it but listening and emotion of happiness hope to joy. Even guilt or shame or even a feeling of fear like all this stuff is great and it stirs the audience. And it’s basically a way to create a bond between you and your fan or your audience. Correct. And being able to write in practice and learn this technique could actually create content that goes completely viral whatever kind of content it is. You’re creating blogs podcasts videos that kind of thing. Even on social media content, they get shared. So here are some tips we give you probably about four of them three or four as we go through the podcast so listen and take some notes and start practicing this. Take action today. Start practicing writing content that elicits an emotion. The version is like keep it positive. [00:03:03][109.4]

[00:03:06] Obviously positive content gets more shares right. You’d think negative and controversial types of topics do very well as well. So like you need to be polar you to be super positive or like stir up controversy. It’s both of those. I’m not sure if you want to be known for stirring up controversy but every once in a while those type of posts are very engaging especially in social media. So you trickling in some of those controversial topics are OK completely OK. But for the most part, we want to stay positive. I don’t know about you but when I look at Facebook sometimes I want to unsubscribe I’ve to SUBSCRIBE AND I DO TO A LOT OF and unfriend people because of their negativity. I find it to be like cancer is it just like invading like that negative emotion like the negative aura the person gives off. So I choose to be around positive people. And as in other people are attracted to positive people because that’s what they want more of in their lives. So keeping things positive is definitely a way to attract people to you. I suggest doing it. Most shared content that you’ll see anywhere and any blogs and lots of engagement on them even on podcasts they’re shared or downloaded and even on YouTube videos that are watched over and over again even liked and commented on are humorous or like inspiring like it elicits those emotions. So what can you make today? Humorous is inspiring right. Content it gives hope is great. [00:04:32][86.3]

[00:04:34] Like even images to make sure using powerful images to in your blogs in your social media content personal images work well as well. Another one’s amusement joy humor is huge because a lot of people need more laughter in their life. Right. So focus on those types of posts when you’re creating it obviously negativity is huge as well. [00:05:02][28.4]

[00:05:02] But we don’t want it to overshadow the positivity with more negative. So every once in a while it’s OK. Like if you’re looking at trending topics and there’s a negative one and you wanna get some engagement on a trending topic that’s related to your niche that’s absolutely OK. You discuss it and have people give opinions. It’s OK. That’s what we’re supposed to do. It’s a way to engage your group and create a relationship with them. [00:05:27][24.1]

[00:05:27] So obviously it let’s be honest negative emotions are powerful but empathy and concern for others are also powerful. So make sure you use those very carefully. Anger is obviously another one. You don’t want to make your audience angry at you though. So be careful how you’re using this controversy as I just said and it gets the discussion going too. [00:05:55][27.8]

[00:05:55] And obviously if you’re standing for a cause and you’re marketing and your content needs to be polar you can’t just be right in the middle you’re standing for a cause saying something’s wrong. Like for me, content creation is not hard. It is not. It can’t be simple and easy to do that is when I’m standing outstanding against the people that don’t do this to build their business because content creation is everything in building yourself as an authority. And to some of our products new business. That is why I’m standing against I’m standing as the people that and other people that say they’ve content creation is hard and is not going to grow your business. It’s wrong. So I took a stance I’m taking stands on something. And that’s exactly what you can do to elicit emotions in your audience you’re standing against something and people will rally behind you. [00:06:39][43.5]

[00:06:39] If their job Baker is your cause and curiosity is obviously a great one because he gets people to opt to hear stuff rightly magnets is of so curiosity is huge. [00:06:52][12.9]

[00:06:52] And that’s the fourth one I’m talking about. Like what’s this all about with an image or what’s this all about with like any explanation about what your next MasterChef free masterclass is gonna be to teach. You know on a livestream or even on YouTube. Something like that. You people are interested to click and see and learn more. Right. This is that’s exactly what we’re doing in content marketing to get people into your sales funnel. So you want to obviously like emails and even on blogs you want. You don’t want to like close all the loops. You want to leave something open so give him an opportunity to come back and check. [00:07:32][40.2]

[00:07:33] So leaving like a story loop open and that’s what Curiosity does it leaves it open so they can go onto the next thing and keep consuming your contact so that that’s huge. So that’s basically the four tips that went over today is keep it positive. There is a case for negativity but sprinkled in there. Anger and with controversy and that stirs engagement which is amazing. Emails social media even videos get some people commenting and stuff and then curiosity is great for leading people into the next thing they want. So that’s exactly how you’re going to listen to emotion in your content and how you can create it. You want to learn more and get some more in-depth ideas and examples of what I’m speaking about. You can come to join the community the content creation nation on Facebook and figure up extra accountability in there to help with content creation lots of free stuff. So come on over join us and I’ll give you some more free tips on how we can do this more or less elicit more emotion in our context. [00:08:36][62.5]

[00:08:38] You guys have a wonderful day. Thanks for listening and watching. [00:08:38][0.0]


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