How To Generate Leads For Your Online Business In 15 Minutes or Less

How To Generate Leads Online In 15 Minutes or Less

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 050: How To Generate Leads For Your Online Business 15 Minutes or Less

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Hey everybody, I don’t know what happened. I’m Val Kuikman, I’m a digital marketer. I help network marketers avoid spam in their businesses. Um, by learning to market differently. Um, it’s not just about adding people on Facebook and just wanting them to like, hey, how are you doing? I don’t know you, but we want to buy my stuff. That’s not what we do. Um, today I want to show you how to Jen, you can start generating leads in under 15 minutes the right way. Um, the main thing I wanted to share with you guys is like, it’s super easy to do this on Facebook and you can start messaging people. Um, but the best way to lead generate is to give value consistently. Like I do the Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast, right? Um, today’s the episode on how to generate leads for your, your business in 15 minutes or less.

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I do live videos where I’m going to show you how I’m going to set up a lead generation page in under 15 minutes and I’m how you can start gathering leads. It’s super easy. The first thing to do, lead generation is getting someone’s email or maybe somebody on a messenger Bot. Um, it’s not just getting somebody that’s your friend on Facebook, that’s just crappy marketing that isn’t going to get you in crappy business because anyone can grab a friend on Facebook. You build the relationships on social media and you sell on funnels and email lists. You don’t sell on social media. You just don’t. You can do webinars and you can pitch, uh, but where you’re going to do the selling and the closing is either personally face to face. Um, I’m messaging on the phone or through a funnel. Um, that’s just what it works.

Val: (01:40)
You can try to sell all day long on Facebook, but people don’t want to watch that crap anymore. They’re tired of seeing it because it’s all over the place. So you, this is a different way to do it. People will come to you if they want your information and that’s what lead generation is, is giving something valuable in exchange for their email. Um, and then ask me something they want and something that’s going to solve a problem. That’s what you do for lead generation. So what you can do is you can post, um, this offer that you’re gonna make. Your lead magnet is what I call it. And you could ask people, you know, what, what’s their common problems in the interest of your face? And like in network marketing, I know it’s recruiting and closing is huge. So wouldn’t it be amazing if I’m helping network marketers to give them a whole obtain on recruiting and closing so they can be better at it and grow their businesses? That’s exactly what you need to do is find out what people need and provide it to them for free. That’s what a lead magnet is. And you could set one up so easily, like really, really, really easily. And I’ll share my screen with you. Um, let’s see here.

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And I’m going to pick, I’m going to get a funnel, one of the funnels I have set up for you guys so you can see it. Um, or I’ll just show you my back in here.

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Val: (03:02)
what I use is I use, do, use, um,

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Val: (03:08)
Click funnels. So and using that like I just want to share one thing, one of the options I just created for you guys and I created this in a few seconds. Um, you choose to lead magnates option, you’ll do funnel, you’ll go to file the drop-down meadow click funnels, you’ll put build the funnel, create a new funnel or you can look in here cause I have a whole bunch of them and I chose the lead magnet to opt-in in here and it’ll bring up your funnel.

Val: (03:50)
I’m going to go to this 26 responses, opt-in because I just made it. Um, and it’ll show you like a nice little page of like a bunch of different, um, once you can pick and it’ll just have your lead magnet and your thank you page. This is how you’re going to grab a lead. Um, it has to be something amazing that you’re offering. Like something that solves a problem like 3000 recipes. I uh, for chicken is pretty good if people are looking for chicken recipes. But um, really nail it down like what you, what somebody needs to solve a problem. Like, look, look here, network. I help network marketers, um, and other lines, online business owners. I’m a digital marketing company, so what I do is help people generate leads. That’s what I do. Um, but look super easy already set up

Val: (04:40)
you hit the edit button, you come right in, like look introducing a free cheat sheet to close more sales. And this is all set up. Like this template is set up. You just enter in your information, like click right here and type in, I put I type 26 proven responses to common objections that will close more prospects in your network marketing business. Heck yeah, if you’re struggling with closing and you want to overcome, but the one thing to do with closing is to overcome objections, right? So here are 26 proven responses to count objections. You can download this and you have all these responses and you can work on them. Um, and each of these can double your closing rate on products and your business opportunity. That sounds amazing. If you’re in network marketing and you’re struggling with closing, am I right or wrong on this clue?

Val: (05:19)
If I’m right, just say, yes, I wanna if I’m wrong, let me know and I’ll work on getting you something else. That’ll help you simply enter your email address below. Make it easy. The more steps you make somebody give them more information, the less resistant they’re going to be. So just haven’t dropped her email in there. Um, you can also click send a messenger, um, so they can just get it straight to them. They’re a messenger. So look, get my cheat sheet. Now you click, you get your cheat sheet, you go to get your cheat sheet. Now, this is going to submit to the page. It grabs the email address and throws it in your autoresponder. If you don’t have an autoresponder, I’ll show you in the video how you can set one up. Um, there’s an easy way, but you can also for this too, like an excel spreadsheet, like a Google spreadsheet.

Val: (06:07)
Google spreadsheets are free Google sheets. So you can do that too. And they’ll just forward the email address there and you have a list. Boom. Um, super easy to type right here. You can click the button. It’s going to, um, this down, it’s going to ask what’s set action is. Um, you can submit the form. Um, it can open a popup, it can go to a Facebook opt-in, go to a website URL, but I’m choosing to submit the form because then it grabs the email address. Um, you can be sure you put a privacy policy. We hate spam. We promise to keep your email address safe. Yes, I’m not going to spam you and don’t worry, we’ll move again. [inaudible] provide value. That’s all I want to do. Um, and that is going to submit and when it submits it’s going to automatically go to the thank you page.

Val: (07:03)
It takes a second year. Guys, sorry, I’m streaming on the same computer so it will be a little slower. Um, and the thank you page. What I do [inaudible] I put this is not a sales video. Watch a short video. You’ll get your response to close like a pearl. This is a video that even provides even more value. Um, it shows them how to use the 26 responses when to use them. Um, and also I think give some information on Facebook on how to set up your Facebook profile for like a funnel to generate even more leads. So I give you more opportunities to generate leads and then I’m giving you responses to close these leads, especially in that remarketing. This is huge. So warning this, this training has no pitch and it’s truly a value pack. You want to give people value and to trust you that you’re just not going to be trying to sell them at every step of the way.

Val: (07:57)
This is not the case. This is a value pack training video right here. And then it gives you a link right here to download your 26 responses to close more sales. And then I let them know that, um, that I’m going to be sending them more emails with more value, which all I’m going to do is what I’m going to do in my email. And this is I already generated a lead. I have the lead now I’m going to create the trust and the value. I started sending more email, um, videos, podcasts, blogs that I’ve created that create value around the closing engine in lead generation. That’s what I do. It’s super easy. I mean takes you 15 minutes, cause this is all set up already as a template. So you just type in here, you can change your B, Click this, this, um, gear up here.

Val: (08:42)
You can change the font family, the colors you can, you can customize it to your brand. Super easy to do. And it literally can take you 15 minutes and you just click the save button up here. Safe, totally saved. It’s live. So now all you need to do, and if, yeah, we’ll do it. I’ll come back to that in another video just like just the beginner’s thing. Um, is you see this copyright here. You can, uh, copy to clipboard and this copy is your link and there you go. You have it all set and ready. So, um, you want to offer this as an add or you want to offer it in your group. You can click the click this cop, this link, it’ll copy of this, uh, entire funnel and all start them right at the lead magnet there. But you can go lie about cl and people struggling with, with um, generating leads and closing sales.

Val: (09:33)
And then you can say, Hey, I have these 26 responses that are proven responses that’ll help you double your closing rate. Click here to get it. A lot of people want that. Uh, you can do it as well as, um, a Pinterest graphic and people will come in and often there’s, you can do it, um, in a Facebook group, a Facebook group that you have or had permission to post in. Um, I can do it on Linkedin, you can do it on youtube, you can do it as a link in your description of, for your video. So those are a ton of options to use and a super-easy way to just set up a lead magnet super quickly. Now, what I wanted to share with you guys, um, is there is this, Russell Brunson just has this amazing, um, book that just came out called lead funnels.

Val: (10:17)
And it’s there. There’s over a hundred different um, strategies and options for creating lead magnets. It’s only seven bucks. I’ll put the link in the comments below. If you guys want to sign up and you actually, I’ll be giving you guys completely free. Of course, that’s going to show you how you can offer this to your people and set up, um, your first lead magnet just like this for free. Um, walks you through the whole process of setting up, um, upon a funnel to sell lead funnels. But you can customize it after you learn it the first time, step by step, you can customize it to make your lead magnet just like I did here. So seven bucks, not too bad and you get the free course, the course free. Um, you get a template, exact template, um, emails swipe funnels like the whole nine yards on how to get this holy magnet set up to generate more leads, $7. Um, I will post it below. Totally valuable offer, just an in case you guys are interested and comment below if you need some more help in this area. Cause I can go into deeper into another video and just show you, you break it down and show you exactly what I do. So that’s how you can set up, um, a process to start generating leads. And under 15 minutes, I hope you have a wonderful day, guys. Take care.

Here are two CRMs that I recommend to use to capture your leads and then send them emails that offer value, build trust, and sell your products or offers.



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