How To Write Better Sales Copy_ Advice Every Spam Marketing Hater Will LOVE!

How To Write Sales Copy: Advice Every Spam Hater Will LOVE!

Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast Ep. 055

4 Tips To Write Better Sales Copy

Looking to create content that is informative and engaging? Copywriting can be an effective tool when used to target a specific audience and drive traffic to your website. Try using the following techniques to improve your copywriting and engage your audience.

1. Do some planning

Many people jump into sales copywriting without much preparation. While this may save time initially, it will not in the long run. Try to be targeted in your approach to copywriting and think about it more broadly than one single piece. What other content is required? What is the aim of different pieces? Are they on completely separate topics or will there be overlap? You want your copywriting to be consistent, but not repetitive.

2. Consider your target audience

Before you start writing, consider your audience. Who is your target audience? What is their age, gender, location? What are their likes and dislikes? What do they need and want?

3. Determine what content suits your audience

Once you have determined your audience, think about what type of content appeals to them. What type of language should you use? Do they respond well to humor? How much detail do you think they want?

4. Make your copywriting interesting

Too many businesses use copywriting that is plain and, quite frankly, boring. Yes, you want to communicate the facts and details, but try to keep things interesting. Appeal to people’s emotions. Make them feel something. This is not only more engaging but most of the time effective in persuading someone to buy something or change a behavior. Use humor. Just because your copywriting is for business doesn’t mean it has to be bland. Get people’s attention and lighten things up. Put some personality into your copywriting. Tell a story. Share information by creating a scene and express a message that way. The possibilities are endless.

Copywriting can be an extremely effective tool when done well. Many businesses fall into a trap of thinking professional equals serious, but this isn’t the case. It’s actually easier to engage a wider audience with content that is fun and unique, rather than dry and solely fact-oriented. The important thing is to remember your audience. There’s no point using humor if it’s going to fall flat on your target group. Likewise with using trendy lingo if your target group is the elderly population.

5 Emotional Triggers That You Can Use To Write Better Sales Copy


The most effective copywriters have a way of appealing to people’s emotions. They can take you on a trip down memory lane, using nostalgia to influence your behavior. They can tug at your heartstrings and make you sympathize with other people. They can make you laugh or bring a tear to your eye, depending on the intention of the piece. Emotional triggers are an extremely effective way to influence a person’s action. They make us feel and develop opinions, which in turn can change the ways in which we behave. To ensure your sales copy is impactful, consider trying to appeal to the following emotions.

1. Belonging

At the core of human nature is a strong desire for belonging, and the groups to which we belong can have a strong influence on our identities. Given this, appealing to belonging can provide a real strength to your sales copy. It is particularly useful for people who like to feel as though they belong to an exclusive club so consider making it sound like your product or services are for a narrow niche.

2. Guilt

Ever seen an advertisement for starving children in Africa? Disheveled individuals in tattered clothes with only a piece of cardboard to separate them from the cold concrete that is their bed for the night? These images are often used by not-for-profit organizations to generate donations. It’s not surprising that this method is effective. Think about the middle-class audience being targeted: families with full bellies, clean drinking water, clean clothes, and warm, comfortable houses. The same images can be conveyed through copywriting, guilting people into donating, buying a product or trying a service.

3. Nostalgia

Think about the advertisements that appeal to nostalgia. They’re usually targeting a specific age group by using memories from their childhood. Consider your audience and their age. What things might trigger feelings of nostalgia for them?

4. Lack of time

We all lead busy lives and time is a resource that is in short supply. If you can appeal to the feeling of lack of time, perhaps by offering a way to save time, this is likely to be an effective way to enhance your sales copy.

5. Value

People want to get value for hard-earned dollars. Appeal to the hip pockets of your audience by showing them the value your product or service can provide.

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