MLM Home-Based Business Leads Traditional Vs. Online

MLM Home-Based Business Leads: Traditional Vs. Online

Funnel Creator Secrets Ep. 044: MLM Home-Based Business Leads: Traditional Versus Online

You joined a network marketing company and you are now at the point where you need to do the two things that get you paid:

1. Develop a Customer Base 


2. Develop a Marketing Team

So where do you get your MLM home-based business leads? Which approach is the best one, offline or online? This article is going to address this and give you a solid understanding of how you are to move forward.

Before I get into this too deep I want to begin by starting with universal truth. Regardless of the business, you are in this truth applies to you. You may not agree with it and you may not want to act on it but regardless of your thoughts, the truth remains the truth irrespective of opinion or preference.

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What will my friends think? MLM Home-Based Business Leads Traditional Vs. Online

“What Will My Friends Think?”

This simple fact stirs fear into the majority of people entering this profession. Some of you are afraid of what your friends might say if they found out you joined an MLM. They might look down on you; they might think you are delusional; they might think you are desperate and grasping at straws; but whatever you believe they are thinking is causing you to keep your venture to yourself. Perhaps one of the most common things I hear newbies say is that they need to use the products first for a couple of months before they share them with their friends. This has you procrastinating on your fears and won’t move you forward towards your financial and personal goals.

Integrity With Friends…Screw The Strangers

Integrity cannot be limited to your conduct with friends but must also include strangers. If you don’t believe in the company you have signed up with then ask for your money back. Believe in your decision that prompted you to sign up and act like you made a sound decision. It always amazes me how so many people feel ok with talking a stranger into doing something but not a friend. One thing you need to come to terms with is that you need to act with sincerity and honesty and you must believe you have something that can help people solve their problems. This certainty is what will attract more people to you for both sales and recruiting.

Are You A Believer or A Phony

I believe you should consider strangers to simply be friends you have not met. If you can offer a solution to a stranger and then look at yourself in the mirror and believe you did a good deed then you have no excuse why you should not be sharing your solutions with people you care about. So please do not try to tell yourself you are serving some higher purpose not to share your business with those that are close to you.

Keep in mind not everyone you speak to is a real MLM home-based business lead. However, if your products are not too small of a niche there is a very strong chance that your friend would be grateful to at least be your customer even if your business was not a fit.

marketing evolution mlm home-based business

A Marketer’s Evolution

There is an evolution in the type of marketing you do to grow your business and allow me to say that the best style is the one that works best for you and your personality. You don’t need to be a marketing Guru skilled in hundreds of marketing strategies to have significant success.

Marketing Level (1)

Marketing to Your Warm Market

Approaching people that you know personally and /or do business with you about your venture/products or services

Marketing Level (2)

Marketing to Your Cold Market

Approaching people that you have received from a Lead Vendor – purchased leads like Facebook Ads, Solo Ads, and PPC ads. They may also have found you organically through social media platforms.

Marketing Level (3)

Personal Branding – Magnetic Attraction

Creating an Online presence – Blogging, Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Podcasting, Social Book Marking, Social Media e.g. Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn are all organic (free) ways that strangers can find you and learn more about your products/services. The goal here is to publish consistently and grow your authority around a topic in your MLM.  It should focus on one main core desire: health, wealth or relationships. Remember: pick the ONLY one even if your products/services can fall into several.


Level 1 marketing is where everyone should begin as the basic principles of marketing are not clouded with huge learning curves or require significant advertising budgets. Best of all this target market already have a relationship with – they already know, like and trust with you. It takes a significant amount of work to overcome this universal truth with MLM home-based business leads that you purchase or attract through Branding strategies.

MLM Success Strategy For Massive Growth Revealed

If you want massive growth to take place, teach your new marketing team (which may just be you right now) to focus on their Level 1 group. If each person just did 1 presentation per week in his warm market then having each member sign up 3 people in their first month would be child’s play and result in duplicating growth unlike any virus known to man.

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What can you do to grow your downline and increase sales using the techniques above? Comment below.


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Show Notes

Val Kuikman: (00:00)
Val Kuikman with funnel creators secrets podcast. And this is episode 44, or I’m going to be talking about MLM home-based business leads, traditional versus online, which one is better? Um, I don’t necessarily know that there is one, but if you’re in network marketing, like generating leads is like the biggest struggle I see people having these days. Like I, I think that people think they need this huge list of people to, uh, to be successful. Like the more people, they have on their list that that’s like eagle rights. Like they feel like they’re succeeding because they have more people to speak to. Not necessarily true. Um, we could have a million people on our list, but if like the biggest payoffs gonna come to people that are already customers cause they’ve already bought from you. So like rebuying is like, it’s a price.

Val Kuikman: (00:57)
If you’re serving them correctly, they’re going to want to rebate again. Um, and especially in an online, like having like reoccurring monthly income, you’re going to want somebody purchasing on a monthly like auto-ship, so to speak. Right. Okay. So the key here is like finding out which ways is going to work traditional versus online. Um, there are many ways you can do it. Like I prefer to do mine online. Um, I work full time and I also run this, I also run a network. I’m part of a network marketing company as well as helping network marketers. So I do like three things, so I don’t have the time to go out and to, to prospect. Um, out on the street, have like home events. I’m not a fan of those at all. I just don’t like the idea of having a home event. Um, but we can do the same sort of, um, strategy online and do live events, um, online.

Val Kuikman: (01:50)
So, um, that’s just my take on it. But like some people want to get out there and do this locally or I’m in network marketing, local neatly traditional ways of doing this are out there. Um, so I just wanted to like share what they are and whatever works for you, please do try it out if you don’t know, see, see what feels good for you and then continue with that way of right here. Here we go. [inaudible] okay guys. So, um, we’re gonna talk about, um, join you join a network marketing company and you are now at the point where you need to do two things to get you paid, right? You have to develop a customer base and you have developed a marketing team or a downline so to speak, right? Cause the down line is gonna help you market your products and services.

Val Kuikman: (02:44)
Uh, you’re gonna get, um, paid on the work they do, so to speak, cause that’s network marketing. That’s what we do. So we need to make sure that they’re successful so they get the results they want. And that, in turn, helps us. So we, we get payoffs for helping them succeed. Correct. It’s, it’s a great way to, to think about network marketing and home-based businesses. Um, and I’m going to read some of these notes because I want to make sure I stay on task as I go off on tangents all the time. But, um, so where did you get you, where are you getting your MLM Home? Business leads now, like, which is the prose approach is the best one. Is it offline or online? Traditional versus the Internet. Um, and I’m going to give you a solid understanding of how you’re gonna move forward and which one you want to choose.

Val Kuikman: (03:33)
So, um, I wanted to share it with you guys, this universal truth first though, regardless of the business you are in, it’s gonna apply to you guys if you’re met or what MLM, if even if you’re an online business owner and you’re just listening and for some marketing advice, um, you may not agree with this. Um, and that’s okay. But regardless of your thoughts, the truth remains that, uh, irrespective of your opinion or your preference. So people prefer to do business with those they know, like, and trust, right? That’s universal, universal truth. Like if I like you, I think you’re awesome. Um, and you, you’re doing a business and you offer a service or a product, and I’m interested in doing something in with that service and product. I’m going to come to you first cause I know I can trust you. That’s just the way it is.

Val Kuikman: (04:20)
And this is why creating content consistently improving yourself as an authority and someone that can trust and knows what they’re doing in their niche is like of the essence for network marketers. Especially because there’s so many of us out there doing the same thing. We’re all like, there are thousands of people in your network marketing company, there are thousands of reps, there are thousands of coaches, whatever you want to call them. We’re all, we’re all selling the same product, so why would they buy from you instead of somebody else? So you need to set yourself apart and you need to niche down picks, have the specific target audience you want to serve and go for it that way. Um, but the biggest thing I’ve seen, and here’s one of them, is what will my friends think? Like we all join MLMs and there’s a stigma like that. Um, this fear, I should say, it’s not even a stigma, but, um, that have people entering this profession.

Val Kuikman: (05:09)
Like they’re afraid that friends might say that they f when you tell them to join an animal and they might look down, I knew they might think that you’re delusional. You might be desperate and grasping at straws, like you need money, but whatever you believe you think is causing you to keep your venture to yourself, you’re stifling your progress and your success. Um, if you don’t want to market to your friends, you don’t have to. But, um, one of the most common things I hear Newbie say is that they need to use the products first for a couple of months before they share that them with their friends. That’s just fear to speak and you’re procrastinating and you’re acting on your fears and it won’t move you forward towards your financial and personal goals that you have for your business. It’s just not going to happen cause you’re afraid.

Val Kuikman: (05:51)
And fear holds us back from a lot of things. And, um, all I have say is go with integrity. Like you cannot be limited to, you’re kind of with your friends. But this is also strangers too. You can’t be afraid of the word no or no thank you. Because if you go about it with integrity, um, and you believe in your product and your company so much, you’re going to want to share it with other people. You’re going to want to share it with friends. You’re going to want to share it with family or at least tell them about it. And if they don’t necessarily want it, but you at least they know the opportunities there and they know that you have something that they may need in the future. And I’m not telling you to go pitch your friends and family. I’m just not doing that.

Val Kuikman: (06:31)
If that’s not something you want to do, that’s fine, but at least let them know what you’re doing. Let them know they don’t have to buy from you. That’s fine. But, um, the one thing you need to come to terms with is that you need to act with sincerity and honesty. If you truly believe in your product or service and what it does for people, aren’t you going to lie to share it with people that are closest to you? Of course, you are. You don’t have the pitch them to join your business, but maybe they would like to know about your products. Um, it’ll, it’ll attract more people to you for both sales and recruiting if you truly believe in it. So have integrity with friends and, and with complete strangers because, um, if you believe in your decision that you signed up and that like, you know, you made a sound decision, come with that certainty all the time, certainty in your product, certainly in certainty in your business because that certainty is confidence and it can overcome those fears that you’re already having about Nash, sharing your products or waiting a certain period of time.

Val Kuikman: (07:26)
If you’re certain in your products and the business opportunity, then you’re certain engineering it with others to um, consider stranger like, and the thing about strangers. Cause eventually you’re going to want to move after you were in through your hot market and then your warm market, you’re gonna want to move into your, your, your cold market. And I would like to like give you this bit of, um, like a mindset, so to speak. Strangers are, are, are simply, um, to be friends you haven’t met yet. So speak to everybody as they’re your friends. Just because you don’t know them doesn’t mean you have to be cold and standoffish. That’s not going to develop the know, like, and trust factor at all. So, um, if you could offer a solution to a stranger and then look at yourself in the mirror and believe you did a good deed, then you did.

Val Kuikman: (08:09)
And there’s no excuse why you should not be sharing this with your friends. If you can share it with a stranger in the same way, right? Um, you’re serving a higher purpose. It’s not to share your business with those that are close to you. That’s not the point. Like you’re, you’re serving a higher purpose. You want other people to succeed. So why wouldn’t you want those closest to you succeed as well? Um, even if your friends are interested in the same things you are, of course, she’d want to know about your opportunity. And I think if you didn’t tell her about it, you’d probably be doing her a disservice. You have an obligation, a moral obligation to tell people about this and share it. And you have a moral obligation to sell your products to others that need them because they, they give a result.

Val Kuikman: (08:50)
So lets us so much better way to be a believer than a phony. Um, if you don’t believe in your product or service, I think I say get another one to find another opportunity out there because you’re going to have a really hard time selling it if you don’t believe it. Um, and here’s like the marketing levels for a newbie that’s starting. Even if you’re, um, been in this for a couple of months and you feel like you’re treading water, here’s, um, your evolution in marketing and how you should approach it. Um, marketing level number one is marketing into your warm or hot market. And this is the these are our approaching people, you know, personally and, or do business with. Um, a bunch of product and business ventures. People are gonna want to know, even if they’re in another company, just tell them what you’re in.

Val Kuikman: (09:31)
If you don’t have to ask them to join you, but, um, just let him know you’re in. So maybe if they’re ever interested, they find out they want to, um, expand their products or services to include something that you’re in, that, that you offer. They can come to you and ask you to join because they want to add those products to their, uh, to their arsenal. Like for health and fitness. I know a lot of, um, companies don’t allow you to do more than one MLM, which I think is a complete disservice to the entire company and yourself. Um, although the one I’m in allows you to do whatever. So I’m allowed to use to utilize other MLMs, products and services to share and build my, my complete products suite so to speak, to offer more to my customers in the health and fitness realm.

Val Kuikman: (10:13)
And that’s an amazing opportunity. And I hope that other alarms consider that they open up their, their rules to not be so sturgeon. Cause that is a reason why I left the first company I was with is because they didn’t allow you to use, Eh, use mentioned sell or work for any other MLM company, which I think was a big mistake. I’m hoping they change that because it would open up the doors for a lot more people doing, being in their company. Um, but anyways, marketing level number one is marketing your warm market. Very easier to sell them when they already know, like, and trust you. So we need to speak to those people very first. Very first is your warm market. So you’re making content around those, around those people. To find out what the majority of them, um, needs.

Val Kuikman: (10:58)
And then you’re placing your offer in front of them to fulfill those needs. Um, once you are moving pasture hot and warm market, you’re going to be marketing to a cold market. Much harder to do cause it’s more about education and awareness because they do not know they have a problem yet. Um, so you’re approaching people and you can do this like from a lead vendor, uh, you can purchase leads like Facebook ads, solo ads, PPC ads, like all those types of things. And you may also find them organically. If you’re publishing content regularly, people may find you on social media, um, or even in SEO, if you’re doing blogging, podcasting, anything like that. And you’re creating content daily, they can find you that way. Um, Pinterest, you’re painting stuff, LinkedIn in the network, that kind of thing. So it’s, it’s a great idea right now.

Val Kuikman: (11:47)
Even if you’re marketing to a warm market to start publishing every once a week, at least I say to publish, I’m right now publishing five times a day or five, I’m sorry, five times a week. And I like to maybe put it down to two and see if my, uh, my views or my listens, my downloads go up. And I’d like to see how this works out cause I’m still testing it out. We’re on episode 43 here, so I will refine my, my, my, uh, publishing. I do a blog as well and do live video. So I’m publishing all over the place. So maybe, um, I’m trying to come up with a system that works best for me and my viewers as well. Now, marketing level number three, after you’re moving into the cold market, this is the person know branding, magnetic attraction. People think we need this first and we don’t need it first.

Val Kuikman: (12:33)
Um, but it helps, but you don’t necessarily need it if you’re just sharing your journey, to begin with to your warm market. But creating an online presence, like I said, publishing, marketing, article, marketing, video marketing, podcasting, social bookmarking, social media, like Facebook, my space, my space, the half my space is still around Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, um, they’re all organic ways that strangers can find and learn more about you. And your products and services. And this is the goal here is to publish consistently and grow your authority around a topic in your MLM. And let me say that this is one of the hugest mistakes that most, um, that we’re marketers make are they don’t focus on one, one main core desire. It’s health, wealth, or relationships. It’s one of those three. What? Remember, you can pick only one. So pick one. Like if you’re marketing, now you can market in two different sets of people depending on what if you’re marketing for a health or wellness private.

Val Kuikman: (13:29)
It’s health or wellness. You want to niche down further into that and what specific like argue holistically, are your weight loss? Are you weight loss for women over 40? That’s the type of niche you want to niche down and create a whole new market out of that. Like a whole new niche. Don’t go into insecurity and offer something as an improvement because you’re going to lose that way, but you need to create a whole new one. So, um, obviously if you’re in network marketing, you also have the wealth end of things. And that’s a completely different market, a completely different, um, funnel that you’ll bring people into or it’s two different ways to market to people. Well, health and wealth and relationships. Something like, as um, Russell Bronson says, when we’re learning the one funnel away challenge, um, Gillette razors, it doesn’t fall into health, wealth or relationships, right?

Val Kuikman: (14:19)
But if someone wants to shave, um, look cleaner, maybe shave ’em make a goatee, so they’re trimming it. Whatever you’re using Gillette razors, that’s relationships. People are going to look at you and be like, wow, he looks great. It’s a great period. It’s relationships. So that’s what it founds in. That’s how they marketed. Otherwise, they’d be marketing to everyone, which is marketing to nobody. So, um, level and marketing are where everyone should begin. Your basic principle of marketing is not clouded and huge learning curves that are a requirement for like significant advertising budgets for like the cold market you’re going after. I don’t even suggest moving into a cold market basically at all. You turn your people in with your, your organic marketing and your publishing, you’ll turn them into the warm market. That’s the whole point of it. And that’s my best strategy for that. Um, if you want massive growth to take place in your MLM, you need to teach your downline.

Val Kuikman: (15:11)
Or if you have a marketing team for that big, um, and, and your marketing team May, may, may just be you, which for me, it just, just me right now. Um, you’re gonna focus on level one thorn market. Um, and if like honestly the strategy here is if, if I’m on content, if you, if each person in you and your downline just did one presentation per week in your warm market, you’d have each member sign up like three people in their first month and mention what organic and like exponential growth that would be on your team to sign up three people in one month because you’re doing one presentation a week, a business presentation. Like if you’re, if you’re doing products, I mentioned three customers every month and your entire downline doing the same thing. It’s duplicatable, it’s duplicatable. If you set up your process and, um, go through it.

Val Kuikman: (16:01)
Hyland, how are you doing? Um, here’s this, this quote is, is amazing. And it’s, it’s so true. And I know a lot of you guys may have heard it before, but, and our marketing camp couldn’t be true. 80% of all new marketers fail because of fear. And then they covered up with excuses about being too busy to share their business with their warm market and the 20% that do massive business and each month don’t let fear stop them and encourage their team to do the same. That’s an amazing quote. Um, fear is just your brain trying to protect you. That’s all it is. And because it’s new and they don’t know what to expect and they’re trying to keep you safe and that works great when you’re out in the jungle, but it doesn’t work good for network murders. So under people need to be self-aware that the, what the is doing to stop them and be able to, to, um, move past it and know that there’s growth on the other side of it, which is huge personal growth.

Val Kuikman: (16:58)
There’s nothing like being in an MLM. It’s the best personal development there ever is. Um, so let me tell you, are you guys going to start doing level one marketing to your warm market and duplicating that to your team? Create a presentation, create a Webinar or a Facebook live presentation. Go through it and do it once a week. Do it over and over and over again until like you can completely nail it without staring at notes, looking at anything. Then it’s time to automate. But for first, once a week, do a print, a business presentation, and a product or a product presentation once a week and duplicate that to your team. Make one out. And then you keep doing it over and over again. So like maybe your goal this week is to create a product presentation the next week. It’s to create a business presentation. And then you just keep doing them over and over again.

Val Kuikman: (17:47)
Flip flop weeks or do two in a week and you’ll see what massive growth that has for you. At first, it may seem like no one’s listening. Keep going. Your people are gonna go out and catch on that you’re here and you’re consistent and what you’re sharing you believe in. And that takes time cause it’s trust. And then from there your, you’ll see massive girlfriend, a neighbor in your business and do that for a year. Do that for a year. The same thing for a year and it might seem boring and mundane but it works. So that’s for online. Now if you were going to do this somewhere else, like once a week, go out and have a home party or meet at Starbucks and do a presentation there, a personal presentation that’s offline traditional. So basically find out who’s interested, get them all together and, and do a little presentation, um, face to face and that’s traditional lead how you can do it that way.

Val Kuikman: (18:38)
Um, I hope you enjoyed this guys. This, this is like for anyone out just starting or someone that that’s just looking for ways to generate more leads and grow down. This is huge. Um, you can come back to the show notes cause I have this all written out in blog format where it’s going to walk you through the marketing levels one, two and three with more information in there. So come back to the show notes. I’ll put a link in the comments so you guys can check it out. Once it’s available. Um, please start working on the start, create crafting your product presentation, or start crafting your recruiting presentation today and have it done by the end of the week. That’s your goal for me, your assignments so you can move forward. So I hope you enjoyed this episode. It’s episode 44 the funnel Creator Secrets podcast. I hope you guys have a wonderful week and take care.

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