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243 Tasks You Can Outsource To Virtual Staff

Our job as a virtual assistant can be very rewarding both personally and professionally. We can work from anywhere in the world helping out as many (or few) clients as we want while also having the freedom to do what we want when we want.

You can respond to emails while you sit on the ocean or create a stunning slide deck presentation for your client’s upcoming masterclass while you sit on your bed sipping coffee. You can upload a blog post while attending your daughter’s dance practice.

That kind of freedom can bring you happiness and if you are passionate about serving your clients, you can have an endless stream of business and make a full-time income. 

Here are some tasks and services you can start offering your clients to increase their productivity while increasing your portfolio and your income. Business owners and entrepreneurs alike these tasks are where you should start to outsource to virtual staff to create more freedom.

If you are not a virtual assistant yet, you can use the tasks and services below to start creating a list of services you can offer to clients. Just print out the list below and circle all the tasks and services that you love to do. You can also download a copy of the list here.

  1. Responding to voicemails
  2. Responding to emails
  3. Writing blog posts
  4. Creating blog post featured images
  5. Creating Infographics
  6. Creating Logos
  7. Video editing
  8. Transcription of videos, podcasts or interviews
  9. Video captioning
  10. Slide deck presentations
  11. Editing photos
  12. Schedule maintenance
  13. Answering live chats on the website
  14. Compiling FAQs for products and services
  15. Blog post best of crowdsourcing
  16. Project management for launches, webinars, and tutorials
  17. Website management (updating plugins on WP)
  18. Cloud file management & organization
  19. Competitor Research
  20. Customer Research
  21. Messenger bot scheduling
  22. Messenger bot flow creation
  23. Creating canned responses for emails and chatbots
  24. Compiling comments for testimonials
  25. Question moderator on webinars and masterclasses
  26. Email organization
  27. Updating software
  28. Sending out thank you letters or gifts by snail mail
  29. Managing other tasks for Virtual Assistants
  30. Paying bills
  31. Setting up appointments
  32. Scheduling meetings
  33. Managing/Organizing Business files and folders
  34. Writing email campaigns
  35. Editing emails
  36. Editing website copy
  37. Creating a schedule or goal achievement timeline
  38. Checking key performance indicators
  39. Tracking sales and leads
  40. Uploading IG TV and IG Stories
  41. Organizing launches of courses and webinars
  42. Creating images
  43. Researching keywords
  44. Tracking rank of keywords
  45. SEO 
  46. Developing a posting schedule on social media channels
  47. Compiling case studies
  48. Getting referrals and testimonials from customers/clients
  49. Creating cheat sheets
  50. Scheduling reservations for lunch or dinner
  51. Buying gifts for clients and family
  52. Setting up interviews for podcasts or live streams
  53. Uploading videos to Dropbox
  54. Interviewing potential Assistants for other positions
  55. On-boarding and training new assistants or team      members
  56. Designing and creating landing pages, sign up forms or  other web pages
  57. Kajabi page designer
  58. Clickfunnels page designer
  59. Email Newsletter designer
  60. Pinterest pin designer
  61. Content repurposing 
  62. To-do list
  63. Check emails
  64. Return email
  65. Manage an email contact list
  66. Check voicemail messages
  67. Make/return phone calls
  68. Look up and print directions
  69. Research background info on people for meetings
  70. Create a weekly reminder of upcoming events
  71. Create slides, PowerPoints, templates for presentations
  72. Create general working hours doing the work that is at the core of my career, business, service, etc.
  73. Sort through business mail
  74. Update computer software and subscriptions
  75. Manage phone contacts, phone updates, etc.
  76. Technical/digital services, in-home or office, Internet connection, cable routers, phone service, computers,      printers
  77. Delete files from my computer
  78. Upload photos from my phone to Dropbox
  79. Upload videos from my phone to Dropbox
  80. Buy office supplies
  81. File paperwork
  82. Book travel arrangements
  83. Organize workspace
  84. Listen to podcasts
  85. Continuing education, online courses
  86. Reread notes from the seminar
  87. Schedule time to implement new techniques and  advice from the seminar
  88. Retype notes from seminars/training
  89. Begin to implement key objectives from most recent training/seminar
  90. Schedule interviews with top leaders in the industry
  91. Review time spent daily on regular work activities
  92. Respond to customer service complaints and questions
  93. Follow up with prospects
  94. Follow up with networking opportunities
  95. Meet with and partner with local businesses for marketing purposes
  96. Network and build relationships with local businesses
  97. Research and join a mastermind group
  98. Organize and run a team training
  99. Post jobs on Upwork
  100. Manage jobs on Upwork
  101. Research Upwork job descriptions
  102. Research average pay for these types of jobs on Upwork
  103. Connecting with staff or key people
  104. Brainstorm recognition ideas for team
  105. Create a questionnaire so I know what my key customers or employees/staff would like for recognition (interests, sizes, hobbies, etc.)
  106. Plan a team-building event (even if just online)
  107. Check-in with key customers weekly
  108. Create videos/screen flows to teach staff key responsibilities
  109. Create screen flows for every activity that can be  outsourced
  110. Create a video or audio recording of the training that the client can regularly repeat
  111. Research best virtual staff/team management platform
  112. Conduct team-building activities
  113. Schedule team meetings/training
  114. Send daily check-in messages with key people
  115. Schedule time to connect with top customers, key people in social media
  116. Pay employees or consultants
  117. Review hours of employees or consultants
  118. Performance reviews of employees or consultants
  119. Review health benefits for employees
  120. Find inspiration for content for social media posts
  121. Research top accounts in social media
  122. Create a social media calendar
  123. Research “cliff notes” on recent changes/practices in social media
  124. Transcribe videos into blog/social media content
  125. Organize photos and video files for use on social media
  126. Create free content (articles, videos, tutorials, reports, etc. to attract new email subscribers)
  127. Proofread free reports/ebooks
  128. Create monthly newsletters
  129. Proofread newsletters
  130. Manage the collection of new subscribers to newsletters
  131. Schedule live webinars
  132. Create content for live webinars
  133. Research topics for e-book or free reports
  134. Schedule photoshoots
  135. Select photos to use
  136. Submit articles regarding e-books or free reports to other websites
  137. Rewrite email sequences 
  138. Create slideshow and presentation for webinars
  139. Download images and stock photos for webinars and infographics
  140. Add Google+ link to an email signature
  141. Add Facebook Like Page to an email signature
  142. Add Twitter profile to the email signature
  143. Add Pinterest profile to the email signature
  144. Add YouTube profile to the email signature
  145. Write Facebook updates
  146. Manage their Facebook inbox
  147. Click “like” when anyone responds to my posts on Facebook
  148. Create Facebook banner art that changes weekly or more often
  149. Interact with new Facebook followers, research to see if appropriate
  150. Create videos on Facebook
  151. Check stats on Facebook Like Page
  152. Create a Facebook ad
  153. Monitor Facebook ads
  154. Review other Facebook pages for a client
  155. Interact and comment on Facebook
  156. Create dark posts on Facebook
  157. Create Canva type images for Facebook
  158. Analyze the best time to post on Facebook
  159. Post daily photos/videos to Instagram
  160. Like and interact with Instagrammers in the client’s target market
  161. Find content to feature on Instagram feature pages
  162. Mange Instagram DMs
  163. Interact with new Instagram followers, research to see if appropriate
  164. Create Canva type images for Instagram
  165. Analyze the best time to post on Instagram
  166. Research top hashtags to use on Instagram
  167. Write tweets
  168. Schedule tweets
  169. Manage Twitter DMs
  170. Interact with new Twitter followers
  171. Create short videos 30 seconds long for Twitter
  172. Download and categorize all previously tweeted content
  173. Upload all previously tweeted content into an Excel document
  174. Upload all previously tweeted videos/images to Dropbox
  175. Create Canva type images for Twitter
  176. Change cover art on Twitter
  177. Favorite tweets
  178. Unfollow irrelevant people on Twitter
  179. Analyze tweets
  180. Create similar tweets
  181. Analyze the best time to post on Twitter
  182. Research top hashtags to use on Twitter
  183. Edit videos for YouTube
  184. Interact with new YouTube followers, research to see if appropriate
  185. Change cover art on YouTube
  186. Schedule YouTube video collaboration with people in my industry (celebrities or guests)
  187. Clean up their YouTube channel
  188. Research key terms for titles on YouTube videos
  189. Analyze top-performing videos on YouTube
  190. Create a plan for repurposing YouTube content
  191. Analyze the best time to post on YouTube
  192. Create Pinterest photos
  193. Update my Pinterest page
  194. Pin other photos on Pinterest
  195. Interact with new Pinterest followers
  196. Manage Pinterest messages
  197. Go through old blog posts and make sure all photos link to Pinterest
  198. Upload all photos and videos that relate to blog posts to Pinterest and link back to the blog
  199. Create Pinterest boards that relate to my varied interests and brands
  200. Cultivate/curate additional content for future Pinterest posts related to the client’s target market
  201. Learn more about using Pinterest for business/watch Academy/videos
  202. Create Canva type images for Pinterest 
  203. Clean up a Pinterest account
  204. Research key terms for content on Pinterest
  205. Analyze the best time to post on Pinterest
  206. Research top hashtags to use on Pinterest
  207. Interact with new LinkedIn followers
  208. Update photos on LinkedIn
  209. Rewrite descriptive headlines for LinkedIn
  210. Upload content to LinkedIn
  211. Import Outlook contacts to LinkedIn
  212. Import webmail contacts to LinkedIn
  213. Check for people who affiliate with the client on LinkedIn
  214. Sort through business cards and contacts and invite them on LinkedIn
  215. Join relevant groups on LinkedIn
  216. Conduct relevant people searches on LinkedIn and invite to the client’s network
  217. Brainstorm content to post to LinkedIn
  218. Review results on LinkedIn
  219. Research additional domain names I should reserve
  220. Go through every page of the website looking for broken links, outdated info
  221. Research podcast topics
  222. Research podcast names
  223. Edit audio for podcasts
  224. Upload completed/edited audio for a podcast show
  225. Write podcast show notes
  226. Write a description of each podcast episode
  227. Search engine optimization and key term research for each podcast episode
  228. Research guests and topics for each podcast episode
  229. Analyze Libsyn stat numbers
  230. Upload episode to iTunes, Stitcher, and Soundcloud
  231. Promote podcast on Twitter
  232. Promote podcast on YouTube
  233. Promote podcast on Pinterest
  234. Promote podcast on Facebook

234 task you can outsource to virtual staff

Choices are everything but don’t get overloaded with what you can offer. Pick three main topics you want to help your clients with. Be sure to specify and focus on a few things you do very well.

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