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How To Find Or Create Products To Start Selling Online

There are a ton of resources out there that you can look into if your objective is to start selling online. You can find guides to persuasive writing, to creating a sales funnel and to managing a PPC campaign.

But before you can take advantage of any of this advice, you first need something to sell. And that’s the one important step that a lot of people tend to forget!

So the question is: how can you acquire or create a product that’s worth selling?

Let’s take a look…

Ebooks and Digital Products

One option is to sell an ebook or a digital product. In fact, this is one of the most common things to sell from a website or a sales funnel and in many cases, this is why guides don’t explain how to make products – they assume you’ll go this route!

Creating a digital product is relatively very simple and tends to only involve writing text into a document and then saving it as a PDF. Courses are a little harder and involve recording some footage as well.

You can either make this yourself, buy a PLR book (private label rights, which you can resell), hire someone to write something for you or sell something as an affiliate. That last option means that you’re effectively working as a salesman and keeping the commission. This is an easy business model with zero risks but of course, you lose some control and some profit.

Toon blogger has a great article where they share the 100 Best PLR sites. I highly recommend you take a look and see what products you would like to sell there.

Physical Products

Selling physical products is harder but it is possible and there are once again plenty of options to enable you to do this.

One of the most obvious options is to sell a physical product via dropshipping. Dropshipping means that a company is letting you sell its product and will then handle fulfillment when you pass on the order. What’s more, is that they’ll even let you put your brand on the product and remain a white label service throughout!

You can once again sell physical products as an affiliate too, though the commission tends to be much lower. Specifically, this will tend to earn you about 4-8% instead of 75% for a digital product – this is a big difference.

Here are some sites to start looking for affiliate products:

Want to create your own physical product from scratch?

Then you’re going to need a prototype, plans and ‘Bill Of Materials’.

Find a manufacturing partner and be ready to put down a big deposit on your order!

If you are a beginner I highly starting with affiliate offer or designing your own physical product. The best way to get started is to build a sales funnel for your product. Here are 10 tools you can use to help you get started.

10 Essential Resources To Building A Sales Funnel


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Show Notes:

[00:01:17] Welcome welcome welcome to funnel creator secrets podcast. I’m Val Kuikman. And today we’re gonna be talking about how to find or create products to start selling online. A lot of people are when you’re just starting now they’re like I don’t even know what I’m going to sell I want to work online you’ll be a health coach and you want to expand your business with products or services. Maybe you just are doing affiliate marketing and you’re just like I don’t know what am I going to sell. You have to figure out your niche right and who you’re going to sell to. But here are some ideas for some products. [00:01:54][37.2]

[00:01:56] When I first started as a fitness health coach I wanted to create all this amazing stuff so I create recipes I’d create like a 21 day challenge for free to get people to come into my funnel right what it was running into was the time it takes to create this stuff. A 21-day challenge. I mean you’re creating like a Facebook post every day. You have some awesome like a hand out a cheat sheet to hand out you have the recipes you might have workouts images videos like this stuff takes time. So if you’re solopreneur It’s kind of hard to figure out where your time is going to be that’s spent and then you got to turn it into a funnel on top of it. You got to write all the copy for sales copy screech page confirmation page membership like it’s it seems overwhelming at times. [00:02:46][49.4]

[00:02:46] If I’m not if I’m saying this correctly I’ve been there and doing this. So I kind of wants to streamline the process for you guys so you’re not so overwhelmed. Because I was and then I realized that there are some very interesting tips and tricks to help you create these products and start selling them online. [00:03:05][19.2]

[00:03:06] That like basically take a lot of the work off of you which is exactly what we need because we do not have the time to do everything right. [00:03:13][7.0]

[00:03:14] So here’s where I came up with for some products to start selling online e-books and digital products. It’s huge. Like everybody wants to consume information. But we have to get the results. [00:03:24][9.2]

[00:03:25] It’s not just necessary and people don’t want more information they don’t want another course. They want a program they want to know the products they want what they might need though. So you need to provide the value and the results with your e-books and digital products. Some great things to do if you want. If you don’t want to create it yourself these are amazing and you can find them on freelancer dot net cheese. I can’t even think of the other sites up works and another one you can basically get the products written for you. Just give them the information and let them do the work. But yet to specify what you need to be done you can’t just be like I need this e-book mean. They never knew. That’s gonna be a lot of money out of your pocket to make them do that. So you need to get more. A lot of the outline and stuff done. Or even if you have audio you can get a transcribed and then give it to them to make it turn it into an e-book. Quite simple. [00:04:15][50.7]

[00:04:16] But if you want to if you’re looking to say you’re just starting out your efficient fitness coach or health coach and you don’t want to create the product yourself because you don’t have the time you can look into people our greatest private label rights. [00:04:29][12.5]

[00:04:30] And it’s creating products that are created already and they sell it to you and basically you can put your brand on it and just turn it into your own product. You can even have a V.A. rewrite it quickly because most of it’s done put your own cover on it and turn it into your stuff. PR it’s amazing and it’s so for the amount you’re paying like sometimes you could pay like ninety-seven dollars even like twenty-seven dollars and you get this whole product. So it takes literally hours and hours away from the time you would be creating it and you’re basically putting your brand on it and calling it yours. And that’s what private label rights are. Now they have master resell rights which I don’t suggest anyone doing if you want to put the brand out to yourself because basically you just reuse it without changing anything but people are the way to go and there’s a couple of sites that I would suggest to do appeal. [00:05:21][51.3]

[00:05:22] It is actually there’s now that I think about it there’s this amazing article and you find a link for you guys. It’s an amazing tune blogger. [00:05:32][10.2]

[00:05:34] They have us actually have a blog post where they have one hundred of the best people our sites. I will put the link in the show notes if you want to come back later but tune blog or look for one hundred best peel our sites. It’s a great place to get started and look you can obviously do your own it’s going to take you more time. And I would suggest maybe getting a head start looking for some ideas in the P.L. hours that you’re going to download and then you just turn into your own. Some other ways are affiliate products. It’s a great way to make it into my line a lot of people can actually do this full time if there are you’re really good and there’s a bunch of course out there to learn how to do it. But here are some affiliate product places you can start looking Amazon amazing. I suggest everyone getting an affiliate site with Amazon because they have a thing right. [00:06:18][43.9]

[00:06:19] You get commissions from offering the products and you can do physical products or you can do digital products like books and stuff too. So if you’re looking to sell physical products that’s another way eBay’s one of them Craigslist. You can look at that stuff but J.V. zoos and another one to get some affiliate links Commission Junction and click bank clippings. The biggest one that I know of. So that’s one way to start getting you some commissions out there as you’re starting to grow your business. You can. [00:06:49][30.3]

[00:06:50] You can learn to earn like 40 percent and even up to like 75 percent for a digital product so I definitely suggested looking at those. I know Amazon’s like it’s a lower commission rate but like click bang Commission Junction J.B. zoom you look around at some products that are in line with your niche will be a great place to start and make sure you’re not all over the place. Whatever you’re using is a feel-good product. [00:07:12][22.2]

[00:07:12] What are you’re promoting because people are going to get confused. So pick a niche. Stick with it. Sell products that help give people the results you want in your niche. I actually if obviously if you want to solve physical products like and build them from scratch you’re going to have to get a prototype. You’re going to have to build materials and you’re not to put a big deposit down on romantic manufacturing partner going to you. [00:07:40][27.6]

[00:07:40] So it’s kind of that’s kind of a longer-term thing if you’ve got the money to invest. That’s a great idea. But for now, I would definitely stick to affiliate offers ebooks and digital products you can even sell of course to. [00:07:53][12.8]

[00:07:54] So those are some of the things and that’s basically all that’s going to be used to as of the affiliate products and the digital products and eBay can be sold at the smaller cost that can be like your front end offer and your final to move into it and that can just be the first product people come and get for free. And then you can offer I’m an upsell until like a bigger product later to start out with. One final one thing and move forward that way. [00:08:22][27.8]

[00:08:22] So and I would love. I actually have. If you’re looking to build a funnel you actually have a ton of top secret resources that you can use to start building your sales funnel right away and get it done quickly. [00:08:33][10.9]

[00:08:35] So if you want to come back to the show now it’s definitely we’ll pick up that free resource for you guys. It’ll definitely help you out and getting your funnel up and running. But this is the podcast. She’s a photo creator secrets podcast. And thank you guys all for listening if you can. [00:08:54][19.3]

[00:08:55] Please leave a review. Go go to the final creator seeker podcast and leave a review for me in a rating. [00:09:03][8.2]

[00:09:03] I love it because I don’t have any updates so I’d love to get my first one right here. [00:09:08][4.4]

[00:09:08] Free me a freebie in there for you if you are leaving a review today so intense and as well come join the content creation nation, as well as a free Facebook group, were showing solopreneur and online entrepreneurs how to build sales and marketing strategy that helps them get more athletes and sales so love to have you there as well. [00:09:28][20.2]

[00:09:28] Find find it on Facebook a search for a content creation nation so everyone have a wonderful day and go out and build some products today and give people some results. [00:09:28][0.0]


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