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Time Management Tips | 5 Step Scheduling Strategy

I look at that mom with her impeccably perfect cut, dye, and style, wonderfully hip clothes and make up that would have taken me hours to put on and I envy you. How the hell do you find time to do all that and manage to bring your well-groomed kids to school on time every morning? I’m over here in a ponytail, stretch pants, and haven’t even brushed my teeth yet.

When I am not at work (12 hours a day in Law Enforcement) or with my family, I pursue my passion as a business owner.  I am a lifestyle coach who helps inspire others to lead a powerful and purposeful life.  I am also a wife, a twin, a daughter and an Aunt.

As you can see I have a lot of responsibilities I need to take care of every day.  If I didn’t start with implementing the time management tips that I am sharing with you,  I wouldn’t be able to run a side business, be present for my son, or build relationships with my clients and team.

I have developed a system to manage my time effectively that has helped me relieve stress, build confidence, and stay organized.

Looking good is just not on my priority list right now.

But here are 5 time management tips that should help you get more organized and give you enough time to brush your teeth before running out the door in the morning.

5 Time Management Tips To Schedule Your Day

Time Mangmenet Tips #1: determine who you are

What roles do you fill every day and what responsibilities do you have with those roles?  As I mentioned I am a mom, lifestyle coach, law enforcement Sergeant, and wife.  Each role has different tasks for each day.   Don’t get stuck because there are also other tasks that are time wasters.  This is why it is important to define exactly what role you play on a daily basis.

Write down your most important roles.   Try to limit them to 5 to 7.

Time Managetment Tip #2: determine your responsibilities for each role

What must you do each day to fulfill your role?

What I mean is that if you didn’t complete these things you may lose your job, someone may get injured or sick or it may destroy relationships with those close to you.

Make a list of each activity you must do every day for each role.

Time Management Tips #3: audit your time

After you determine your roles and tasks, you’ll have to audit your time.  Go over your daily list of tasks and responsibilities and answer these questions:

How much time would you need to complete each activity for each role?

Is there a specific time that you need to have it done by?

For example, you have to drive your kids to school in the morning at 8 am and pick them up at 2:15 pm.  Each trip takes 15 minutes.

Auditing your time gives you a realistic idea of how many activities need to be done and how much time you are spending on each activity.

Tip:  In order to create the balance you should be spending time in each role every day (unless you are off work).  That doesn’t mean the time is equal either.  Spend the time on activities that bring results.

Time Management Tips #4: schedule your daily tasks

After you have audited your time it is now best to organize them into a schedule.  I think it will be useful for you to use the same scheduling system that I use to plan out my week.   It’s a weekly calendar.  Under each day are times broken into 30-minute blocks.

If you have tasks that don’t need to be completed at a certain time just a find empty slot and add it in.

You may think this is ridiculous to plan out your day this way.  You certainly haven’t followed through with this way of time management long enough to see its benefits.  This way of planning allows you to take care of responsibilities that must be done and then allow you to schedule in free time to with your hubby, kids, and just to get some personal time to yourself.

It’s also useful to help plan out your goals.  If you are looking to read more or even lose weight you can find time every day to workout or read a book.  Following this plan will help you reduce stress and build confidence when you look back at it every night to check off what you have accomplished.

Remember some things aren’t urgent so they can be added in the next day without worry.

Time Management Tips #5: remove distractions

Technology is the biggest distraction today.  When it’s time to get things done it’s time to put down your phone and turn off your TV.  (Unless you need them to accomplish the task.)

So set your phone to silent so you don’t see all your Facebook and Instagram notifications.

Here is a video where I talk more about time management and how to create a schedule that works for you:

The morning is where I can get the most done.   I created my routine based on the ideas I learned in the book, “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

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