Warming Up Your Leads – The Watch Salesman Analogy 

Ep. 015: Warming Up Your Leads: The Watch Salesman

Do you have a proper sales funnel set up for your business yet?

Do you have a plan for attracting new customers and then leading them by the hand from the point where they’re just discovering your brand, to the point where they feel familiar enough and trusting enough that they’re willing to part with their hard earned cash? 

If not, then there’s a good chance that you’re driving your visitors away before they’ve had a chance to buy. If your landing page right now is simply an attempt to sell, then you’ll be putting off visitors and not collecting any of their details before they do.

Consider this analogy… 

The Watch Salesman 

Imagine that you’re out in town and someone comes up to you with a watch and offers you to buy it for $5,000. What do you do? 

The vast majority of us would say no – even if we liked the watch. Why? Because we don’t know anything about that person and don’t know if we can trust them not to sell us a counterfeit. At the same time, we don’t know anything about the watch or what it’s like beyond the looks. Then there’s the even more fundamental fact that we might not be in the market for a watch. Maybe we already have a watch. Maybe we don’t have $5,000 spare. Maybe we hate watches. 

Well, this is exactly how a vast majority of websites operate. If you are driving traffic to your site and then trying to sell, you’re essentially trying to get someone to hand over their cash with zero preambles and zero targeting. You are not warming up your leads at all.

The Better Approach 

So what does the smart watch salesman do?

For starters, they hand out fliers rather than trying to sell right away. They’ve got your attention and now they’re actually going to do something useful with that by establishing contact so they can sell to you in future. 

At the same time, they should stand in the right place – outside a watch-lovers conference for example or a watch repair shop. 

And instead of trying to sell their $5,000 watch right away, maybe they should try and sell a $500 to start with. 

Now they’re gradually building a relationship and building trust and only then trying to sell. This is how you need to operate and if you can do that, you’ll be 100% more successful. 

Are you warming up your leads up to sell or are you just selling? Learn a better content marketing strategy.

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Funnel Creator Secrets Podcast

Episode 014: Warming Up Your Leads

[00:01:13] Welcome welcome welcome to the funnel creator secrets podcast. I’m Val Kuikman I’m a digital marketer and content manager for online solopreneur. And today is Episode 15 where we’re going to be talking all about warming up your leads. [00:01:33][19.8]

[00:01:33] Now if you’ve had somebody opt in to a sales funnel you’ve created or like a free offer or a bleed magnet whatever you choose to call if you’re going to want to if it’s a free offer you’re going to want to warm them up so to speak. And this is why I like this analogy it’s actually pretty interesting. The story that. It’s a good way to put it so you can kind of understand what I’m talking about like it’s just a good story overall so I’m like yeah the sales funnel of it. [00:02:06][33.0]

[00:02:06] Obviously the point of it is sales right but it’s a good chance that your visitors don’t really know you all that well especially if you’re running ads and these are just totally cold leads and cold by cold leads it’s kind of like you just met somebody on the street and you pass by and said hi you’re not going to be warm up to them and be like Oh hi John by this program. [00:02:26][19.0]

[00:02:26] Let’s go over here and eat lunch. You kind of have to date people so to speak. [00:02:29][3.7]

[00:02:29] You know what I mean. So like they’ve come here they’ve been they’re interested in and in the offer they found value in your initial free offer. So now you’re gonna want to add them to your email list right. That’s the whole point your email list is like your list. You own this. And in these people, you have to take care of them and build the relationship and build trust and then eventually you’re going to be selling them programs that appeal to them and will solve their problems. Right. So let’s look at it this way like imagine you’re either out of town and then someone comes up to you with a wash and offers you to buy it for five thousand dollars. Well, what would you do? What’s a 5000 thousand watch that you’re already out of town. So not at all. You know I mean what most of us would say not right. I mean even if you liked the watch. Why is this? Because we don’t know anything about the person and you don’t know if you can trust them not to sell you a counterfeit watch right. You just don’t know you don’t know this person from Jehovah. So it’s kind of like yeah. Kind of weird. Why is he walking with to me ask me some watches it’s stolen is it fake that kind of thing. But. [00:03:36][66.9]

[00:03:37] Like we don’t. In your eyes obviously, you’re looking at the watch. You don’t know anything other than beyond the fact that it’s working right now. You don’t know what kind of device or anything like that. And you might not even want to watch right. You might not even for one. So. Maybe you already have on maybe you don’t have a five thousand dollars spare. Or maybe you just don’t like watches. Right. Like there’s all these factors playing in about this at the time somebody comes up to you and asks you. Well, this is like exactly what like websites are in and driving traffic in your sales funnel. You’re driving all this traffic to our site especially you’re doing ads or you’re people are just meeting you and interested in what you do you’re driving them to your website. And essentially you’re just trying to sell them right away and you’re just hand over cash and there’s I don’t know anything about you I don’t know how good you are. [00:04:30][53.0]

[00:04:31] I don’t know what you do I don’t know what you’re three. You’re not worrying them off so to speak. So well how as you say you’re through this wash salesman What do you do. Like how can you warm them up rather than just running up to him really helped by this watch? Off a street to some complete stranger. This is amazing this of websites and sales funnel right where all we can do this in this process is why a sales funnel is so amazing and so necessary in any online business even like a brick and mortar store it’s so important because you can start handing out flyers and that’s like you’re your lead magnets are like your emails that you’re getting you’re handing out these flyers with information about you and what you do. [00:05:13][42.3]

[00:05:14] So they’re not you’re not trying to sell them right away you’re basically telling them what they’re you’re getting their attention basically. And it’s so useful in establishing contact with these people and especially if they’re opening these emails and they’re actually reading them. That’s essential because they’re warming you’re warming up to them. And it’s like and instead of selling like this five thousand other watch or like a five thousand dollar program or service maybe you should try and sell it like five got five hundred dollar program or service or like a seven. This is like the point of like the lead magnet you can upsell them once they opt into your free app offer you can sell them something over completely over serving and overvalue like for seven dollars something amazing really. But the cool my gosh this is awesome and you give him the accountability to move up and you’re building this relationship and they’re building trust and then you sell like this is the whole point of that you have to move up like the value letter as I call it an initial product that’s free. That’s amazing. [00:06:17][63.4]

[00:06:17] Somebody would probably pay for the free offer you’re giving them and then you can move them up you can even upsell them like you want to like say as if it’s free workout program five days with a meal plan included and then you can keep them in for the accountability and like a Facebook group that’s kind of like an upsell so to speak but it just trusts it’s free its accountability. That’s amazing and you can help them along with any questions they have in the Facebook group they can you can answer them. So your trust in authority is building there is a coach. And then after that like after that program you can also ask them Hey you did amazing on this. Why don’t you come to join my next program which is like a 21-day detox or something like that to help them get the toxins out of their system. And that course could be like 15 20 dollars or like that if they want the meal plan and then added on to this five-day challenge it could be an extra five or seven dollars. So you’re getting something and you’re giving them extreme value and something they need and you’re building trust and authority and you’re moving them up the value ladder and selling them. So like you can just give them a five-day workout and then once they opt-in on your page for the five-day workout even have an upsell pop up that says Do you want a meal plan included for seven dollars or five dollars or something. And if you’re throwing ads out there and Facebook if you keep your the price of your ads down to five to seven dollars per click or per opt-in You’re breaking even and you’re growing your list at the same time. And if you keep it like say your prices 70 keep it under seven dollars anything. That ad is like saying it’s five you’re making two dollars per person and this is just an initial offer you can upsell them to complete one on one coaching call later on for five or you know coaching program custom tailored to them to five to seven hundred dollars. So that’s all profit like extreme profit. So that’s the point of a sales funnel and why the straighter strategy so good and why you need to be warming up your leads people do not want to buy if they don’t trust you or not you. And that’s a whole point of this email sequence when they opt into a sales funnel is to tell them stories get to know them. Having trust like telling them things about that they can really tell you are not really to you because this is it you are either you’re attracting or you’re rappelling and it’s OK to repel people get so worked up about. [00:08:40][142.4]

[00:08:41] People that opt out of their lists. And honestly, that’s OK. They’re just not your people. You want ideal clients that are going to follow you and love what you do and want to get the results. And those are your ideal clients like don’t be the slimy watch salesman that jumps up on the street and does that. Like a hand out flyers and with like a free something gives them something of value first so that you can build the trust and get them to result with that free thing first get the result. That’s that builds the trust. They want results. That’s what we all people want. So if you’re a health or fitness coach that’s what you’re doing. And like for me I’m a content manager and a digital marketer. I hope people build sales models. [00:09:24][42.9]

[00:09:25] So what I want to do is build a cell phone to grow their lists lead generation and then to upsell them and get them a profit. That’s all we like it. And essentially that’s all sales funnel is. And it has to be crafted has to be copied Well you have to be really tuned in who your ideal customer is. So don’t be this slime you watch salesman go out there and post your links on social media and run up to people on Facebook Messenger right after you meet him and some something like an hour later. Oh I think this is you know I’ve seen some some of the messages I’ve received them where somebody has you as a friend of mine two days later they’re asking you if you want to join their MLM or and it’s another thing it’s on the lines I love them or they’re asking if they want you to want to buy ads or if they can do work for you as a content manager or something like that. You don’t know them other than the two days in the morning he’s a friend and starting a small conversation. So those relationships take time on social media. This is why I sales funnel does that on autopilot. So you’re not you know messaging 20 30 people a day privately and there are a seat customer relationship management models CRM serums in e-mail campaigns that you can actually send out Facebook messages and text messages like those kinds of systems where it’s more personal and higher opt-in rates like chatbots and stuff. It’s amazing what you can do with the sales funnel. But as a beginner here what you want to do is create an amazing. Lead maggot. Your first opt-in offer. Offer your freebie. You want to create an amazing one and your first offer in line with this freebie that’s something that your for your freebie should be in line whatever year your initial offer is moving them up the value out or your small offer your freebie should be in line to that and whatever problems yours solving in your you’re paid to offer the low first offer that you’re charging for this another offer whatever you want to call it on your initial offer your freebie should be in line with that but not exactly it. It should like to create your freebie should treat the problems that this offer is going to solve. [00:11:35][130.2]

[00:11:36] So that’s kind of the way to look at the psychology behind it too because you want to solve those problems for them so warm up your leads on social media on your pages on Instagram on your emails especially in your sales funnel especially you want to warm them up. [00:11:53][17.4]

[00:11:53] Sometimes it’s called an indoctrination series. Sometimes it’s called a soap opera series. You want to share stories about why whatever you’re offering work for you. It’s huge and over delivers on the value you can never go wrong. People think I’m going to give him everything away for free. No, you’re not. People are going to love you for giving them the results and they will follow you. They’ll be what you’re 1000 true fans like I talked about yesterday. They will follow you for that. Thanks for listening today guys and remember to warm up your leads. [00:12:24][30.5]

[00:12:25] Also tonight I want to let you know that I am running a free life Facebook a Facebook life. Tonight at 8:00 p.m. Central. Today is a June 17th. It’s a Monday for anyone that’s tuning in late. Sorry, you didn’t catch a replay though by opting in. I’m going to put a link in the show notes to this episode. I won’t be doing giving you guys 20 ways to create a proper profitable sales funnel and I’m going to go through and show you guys all the ways and I’m actually going to even show you live how I set up my own sales funnel. So quite amazing. It’s gonna be on my Web site if you want to opt in. It’s Val Kuikman. And I will put a link in the show notes so if you come back here later click the show notes look for the app then come join me at 8:00 p.m. Central then you won’t want to miss this can be full of value if you guys. So I hope you have a wonderful day. Val Kuikman here signing off. Thanks for listening to funnel creator secrets have a great day. [00:12:25][0.0]

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